August’s Full Moon In Aquarius August 22, 2021. Basically the Luckiest of the Year

Get ready for a whirlwind of disruption and resistance to structure, because the August 2021 full moon is set to adorn our skies on Saturday, August 22 at 8:02 a.m. EST (5:02 a.m. PST). That means we’re kicking off Virgo season with another full moon (the last one was on July 23) in the rebellious zodiac sign of Aquarius, which inspires us to embrace our most authentic selves. August’s full moon is considered a seasonal blue moon, which marks the middle between a solstice and equinox. Spiritually, the energy of the blue moon is extra dynamic, urging the collective to make moves in our lives, whether it pertains to our career, social life, or creative projects we’re passionate about. So if you’re wondering how the August 2021 full blue moon will affect your zodiac sign, think stronger motivation, bolder decisions, and reckless impulses.

Added to the chaos is Mars (the planet ruling over determination, impulses, and aggression) entering meticulous Virgo and aspecting Uranus (the planet of disruption and shock). In other words, our plans won’t always hold weight to the uncertainty of life, but surprises can often lead to serendipitous and happy accidents. This intense lunation advises us to expect the unexpected and learn to use a change of plans to our advantage.

August’s Blue Moon Is Ready To Mess Up Your Routine. It will probably come as a surprise to exactly no one that Leo season, known for boosting self-assurance and empowering you to use your voice, will not be going out quietly this year. On the same exact day that the confident sun slips from the fixed fire sign into service-oriented, down-to-earth mutable earth sign Virgo, we’ll get our second Aquarius full moon of the year (which makes it a blue moon) — happening at exactly 8:01 a.m. ET/5:01 a.m. PT on August 22. And although it sounds like it could be a redux of July’s full moon in the sign of the Water Bearer, this one has a totally different, lucky-in-love vibe. 

Aquarius prioritizes community over self and loathes convention. Meanwhile, their opposite, or sister, sign, Leo, has no shame taking selfies, dedicating quality time to self-care, embracing what’s popular, and presenting it in a way that earns them lots of applause (hello, countless pop stars — from Madonna to Dua Lipa — born under the fire sign). And while this full moon is happening in the sign of the Water Bearer, it opposes the sun in its last degree of Leo. 

On the flip side, taking this energy too far could result in greediness and self-absorption, which is a reminder to remain grounded while you capitalize on the buoyancy and glitz of the moment.

A beautiful connection to Jupiter sparks abundance.

The main aspect that the full moon makes is a close conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, giving way to a burst of optimism, luck, and success. With both in personable Aquarius, you could feel especially connected to your dearest friends, closest colleagues, a team or group or club that you adore being a part of. And it’ll also make it easier to hit it off with new connections. Magnifying Jupiter’s message is generally “the bigger, the better,” and in this case, while it makes a major appearance in communal-minded Aquarius, it’ll urge you to welcome anyone and everyone who’s game to join your circle. 

Venus and Saturn bring serious romance to the table.

On the full moon day, the planet of love, now in partnership-oriented Libra, and the planet of commitment, in Aquarius  — yep, just like this full moon and Jupiter — will be heading toward a harmonizing trine, infusing this full moon with a weighty tone around romance. If you’re single, you could decide that flirtation and fun just aren’t cutting it anymore, and it’s time to more quickly 86 anyone who isn’t on the same page in terms of what they’re looking for. In a situation or a relationship you’d like to see make it to a more mature level? You could really be feeling this aspect, as it’ll help you envision, stand up for, and move the ball forward on deepening your bond — or moving in whatever direction is going to help you feel the most fulfilled in love.  

Mars and Uranus could set off fireworks.

But this full moon isn’t only bringing out the heavy-duty “put a ring on it” feels. It’s also happening at the same time that Mars, the planet of action and sex, in Virgo forms a lovely trine to Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion, in Taurus which could help you get out of your comfort zone — especially in the bedroom. Together, these planets want you to let your freak flag fly. And because they’re in grounded, sensual earth signs, you should feel free to take your sweet time making your most eyebrow-raising fantasies a reality. 

You’ll want to embrace intimacy, pleasure, and connection.

This full moon could be a culmination point stemming from not only the August 8 Leo new moon but the new moon in Aquarius that happened on February 11, 2021. That moon was marked by a super lucky-in-love conjunction between romantic Venus and fortunate Jupiter. Think back to that moment, and it could be that you were kicking off a whole new chapter — potentially related to your love life — that’s now come to fruition. 

With Jupiter and Venus playing starring roles yet again, but serious Saturn showing up in the picture, we’re very clearly at a culmination point. This full moon could ignite decisions that can lead you to writing the love story you’ve been dreaming of. 

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