New Moon in Virgo Horoscopes

A new moon occurs in Virgo on September 8th, and with Mars still in Virgo, this can be a great time to get work done and start work projects, whether in your actual job or at home or personal. You can pay closer attention to the details, get organized, and figure out exactly what you need to do.

Here’s how the new moon in Virgo of 2021 stands to impact your sign

Aries Sun, Rising and Moon:

It’s time to organize and clear out the unnecessary clutter. The cosmos will encourage you to organize your work space, clear out clutter, focus on your health, and restructure your day. This is due to the lunar influence over the area of your work, health, and daily routine. You will be able to successfully decide where to dedicate your attention and energy. You will also experience improvements in the love and relationship department. If single, you can find someone new and promising, or if attached, a current partnership may improve. New contracts or opportunities to collaborate with others can come about around this time, as well, adding to your workload. Team collaborations can feel fruitful. Your new moon affirmations: I find joy in my daily routine. Each detail that comes my way is shifting me towards abundance.

Taurus Sun, Rising and Moon:

New creative ideas and opportunities are in order, and you can start to benefit from the work you’ve put in. The new moon in Virgo of 2021 is empowering your sense of self-expression, and clearing blocks that were in your path, delaying you pursuing your passion. A new writing project, or idea in the realm of communication, could also pop up for you at this time. Embrace the discomfort and do you!

This time is also bringing synergy and harmony to your relationships. A new love opportunity could come around, or you can find joy with your current partnership. For others, this could manifest in terms of a new and positive contract or agreement involving business. Expect meetings, communication, and negotiations to fill up your daily routine at this time.

Your new moon affirmations: My creativity and passion is valuable. I express myself fully and the universe rewards me each time.

Gemini Sun, Rising and Moon:

Travel, expansion, and a fulfillment of your future visions is a theme for you during the new moon. You could be traveling to visit family, business, or simply for pleasure. This can be an expansive time, bringing in new realizations, and influential people during your travels.

On the other hand, this new moon in Virgo of 2021 can also encourage you to expand your knowledge and solidify your expertise. This includes signing up for a certification course, or teaching to share your wisdom with others. Another facet of this time is reaping the rewards of past investments, like property or stocks.

Your new moon affirmations: The knowledge, vision, and wisdom I bring to the collective is acknowledged, honored, and seen.

Cancer Sun, Rising and Moon:

Expect meetings, discussions, and communication to increase during the new moon in Virgo of 2021. This is bringing analytical and focused energy to your communication. Prepare for additions to your task list, but know that the cosmos are providing grounded and positive energy needed to navigate it. You can experience negotiations over new contracts, and it’s advisable to look at all details.

Investing in home improvements, apartment beautification, or moving to a better environment can also come about for some Cancers at this time. This will only bring positive growth and increase the value of your space. You can also reap the rewards of a past investment, long-term project or financial gains through a partnership.

Your new moon affirmations: All of my bills are paid, and money endlessly flows towards me. I indulge in abundance, and treat myself to what makes me feel good.

Leo Sun, Rising and Moon:

It’s time to restructure and organize your money, finances, and budget. The new moon in Virgo of 2021 is giving you a fresh perspective when it comes to this area of your life. This new mindset helps to clear limiting beliefs and doubts you’ve held surrounding your income. You can feel inspired to ask for more, or negotiate a higher rate if you are looking at new work-related contracts.

Career changes are also coming your way. The new moon is sparking shifts in this area of your life, removing what no longer is in alignment and bringing in tangible opportunities. While this will require your time, effort, and dedication, it’s more in alignment with your future vision and dreams. Take it a day at a time, and roll with the changes ahead—they are all for your positive growth.

Your new moon affirmations: The universe brings everything I need, and I am always taken care of. Limitless opportunities always flow towards me.

Virgo Sun, Rising and Moon:

The new moon is in your sign and is empowering you to shift and change what has held you back. As a more reserved sign, this time is revealing what or who deserves to stay and go. This could be moving away from work or love partnerships that no longer personally serve you. As a result, this leaves room for a positive and more beneficial collaboration to come your way. Use your Virgo superpower of discernment, and make the right decisions for you.

This is also a positive time for finances and earning an income. You have put in the time, dear Virgo, and now you deserve to reap the benefits of it. This could be through a creative work collaboration or team effort. Remember to take the practical approach when it comes to managing and organizing this newfound income.

Your new moon affirmations: The right collaborators and partners are always attracted to me. I only move in the direction of balance and truth in my relationships.

Libra Sun, Rising and Moon:

It’s time to get real and clear out health, work, and daily habits that no longer serve you, Libra. The new moon is uncovering where you have poured too much of your energy, encouraging you to channel your focus in a healthier direction. This might look like making through a change in your wellness routine, or making more time for rest in your work schedule. The key is balance and putting yourself first; health is wealth, after all.

Now is also a lucky time for you in terms of creative projects, big investments, or matters regarding children. This depends on your own individual situation, but breakthroughs are underway in those areas. If you have children or are working through fertility issues, there can also be progress in this area, too.

Your new moon affirmations: I focus on what feels right to me, and I place boundaries when I feel at ease.

Scorpio Sun, Rising and Moon:

Now’s a time to make your dreams come true, but not without a bit of practical work and elbow grease first. The new moon is providing productive energy, activating your future vision, and giving you the grounding energy to make them happen. A new creative project or idea could fall into your lap through an important contact from your network. Sudden changes through contracts or agreements can also occur at this time, so ensure that you are reading the fine print.

Now is also a time of emotional relief, and seeing an improvement in your health and work schedule. Balance is key, and taking a step back when you are feeling burned out or exhausted. A new daily routine can breathe new life into your work—especially the relationships you have with colleagues and those that you work with.

Your new moon affirmations: The universe is opening the doors to my dreams and wishes. I set my intentions on the highest timeline.

Sagittarius Sun, Rising and Moon:

It’s time to focus on the details of your career and life path. The new moon in Virgo of 2021 is activating this area of your life, bringing much-needed change and focus. If you have been working on an original work project or idea, now is when you can feel a breakthrough and the motivation to complete it. Expect sudden changes in your schedule or how your day is structured—this is needed to accommodate the professional elevation coming your way.

This is also a beneficial time to tap into your network; others can help your big ideas come to fruition, too. New meetings, discussions, and conversations can develop with influential past contacts, making now a great time to land on solid decisions. Remember to listen to what resonates with you and move in this direction.

Your new moon affirmations: My career is elevating, and the universe is granting me with abundance for my efforts.

Capricorn Sun, Rising and Moon:

The new moon in Virgo of 2021 is encouraging you to seek knowledge and expand your consciousness. You can be influenced to seek a certification course, or enter a continuing education program in order to solidify and widen the breadth of your skills. On the other hand, you can feel called to share your wisdom and knowledge by teaching or facilitating training yourself. Either way, this is a time of positive growth and solid focus.

The opportunity to travel (potentially for a work-related reason) can also present itself for some Capricorns. Expect sudden changes to pop up during your travels, but nothing that can’t be handled with patience. Your career is flourishing, and the cosmos are helping you to influence others. A promotion or leveling up in status in your life path is also in the stars. You’ve put in the work, and deserve it.

Your new moon affirmations: As I lay the sturdy foundation for my work, opportunity and abundance easily flows towards me. All of my bills are always paid.

Aquarius Sun, Rising and Moon:

Practical matters will come to the forefront, and the devil is in the details. If you have been handling legal matters, shared resources, or setting debts, the universe is giving you focused energy. The good news is that the new moon is resolving what has been outstanding and providing you with movement. Remember to analyze and use discernment—you will make out well.

This is also an expansive time for you in love and creativity. Perhaps an endeavor you’ve been working on now receives a wider audience. The key is to tap into your unique flair, and creative truth. People will be receptive to what you have to offer, thanks to the magic from Venus and Jupiter. If traveling, some Aquarians could meet a love prospect abroad, while others can make new friends and indulge.

Your new moon affirmations: Love always flows towards me. I attract positive projects and ideas that help transform and change the collective.

Pisces Sun, Rising and Moon:

Relationships are in the energetic spotlight for you, Pisces. You typically go with the flow, but the new moon is providing you with clarity and rational decision making in relationships. A new opportunity can suddenly come up to move towards a relationship or contract that feels in alignment with you. This could be in work or romantic relationships. If single, this time can also change your mind surrounding what you need to feel fulfilled in a bond.

Improvements in finances can also develop during this time. Debt relief, receiving money back on an investment, legal matters, or marriage can all be themes for you. While this is a sudden turn of events, it’s providing you with forward momentum. Remember to give the details a look before making new decisions.

Your new moon affirmations: I always advocate for my needs in every relationship. Balanced and harmonious bonds only come my way.

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