Venus Transit Into Scorpio

On September 10, Venus the Planet of Love and Affection will move from its spot in Libra to passionate, loyal Scorpio, which means things are about to get a little… heated. This it might just shed some light onto how our winter relationships will go this year.

On the one hand, Venus in Scorpio (where it will reside until October 7) can be the good kind of hot. ” She doesn’t take crap from anyone and wants to merge at a soul level. In short, Venus in Scorpio doesn’t mess around — she wants deep, real connection and she wants it now.”Venus’s time in Scorpio can stir up jealousy, obsession, and manipulation, which will be a big distraction in our love lives this month. We may attract difficult people and difficult situations — all tough stuff, but with the higher purpose of teaching us a lesson.

“This could be dealing with an obsession in your life, tackling some jealousy that’s leaked into your relationships, or just some good ol’ fashioned shadow work,”. “Venus represents our value systems and our vulnerability, so we really feel it during this transit.”Think of this as more of a lesson in tough love. ”

Although harsh now, in the end we’ll (hopefully) be grateful for what we’ve learned about ourselves and will be able to move forward in a productive manner. “Scorpio triggers us into discomfort so that we can look at what’s going on and begin to heal. “Healing leads to wholeness, which leads to liberation, which leads to owning your true power.”

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