Get Ready For Scorpio Season, The Most Intense Part Of The Year

If the past two years have demonstrated anything, it’s that one of the only constants in life is change. In that respect, this mysterious, moody Scorpio season is bringing more of the same — transformative shifts will abound from October 23, when the sun first moves into the sign of the scorpion, to November 21, when it’s Sagittarius’s time to shine. But this Scorpio season is especially intense, and will both give us an opportunity really come to terms with some of the changes we’ve lived through over the past several months, and help propel us forward into a new season of our lives.

One reason Scorpio season brings up such a deeply layered and powerful energy is that, in a way, the sign has two ruling planets. While traditional astrologers associate the sign of the scorpion with Mars, the Planet of Action and Desire, modern astrologers associate it with Pluto, the Planet of Destruction.  Thinking of Scorpio’s external drive, intensity, and focus and how they move through life illustrates that Martian energy to a T.  But they also crave going deep with people, having that same intensity to get to the heart of the matter or to uncover things in the shadows, which is very Plutonic.  The energy of these two celestial bodies will be very apparent until the end of November, so get ready for some intense awakenings and repressed energies to come forward and make themselves heard.

Mercury, Mars, and Pluto all join the sun in Scorpio this season, making the sign’s characteristics feel extra potent.  We are going to get a huge invitation to look at some of our deepest fears and if any of them are getting in the way of personal transformation. This time of year is centered around evolution, and the only way out of a challenging metamorphosis is through. We’ll be honest: You may experience some growing pains. But we advise you to persevere (honestly, with Scorpio season’s tenacity behind you, you may not be able to help yourself). If you keep walking, you’ll come out on the other side of any challenges you face stronger, and with some much needed clarity.

We’re giving you a few of dates to look out for this season. First, October 30, which is when the sun will square Saturn, the planet of restriction, this can be a tiring, low-energy type of day, so if this is the case, expect this energy to pass over the next 48 hours. Yes, we know, that is the Saturday of Halloween weekend, but just take this as a sign to let your body rest instead of overextending yourself. You can still have your spooky season fun, but expect to sleep in on Saturday morning, or plan to sneak in a midday nap.

Then, on November 4, both the sun and the new moon in Scorpio will oppose Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion and Unexpected Change.  This is a day where we must be aware of things and not tie ourselves down to a pre-set schedule too much, as something may change in an unexpected way and also this planetary connection will bring an element of liberation, rebelliousness, and freedom to the entire month.  If there ever was a time to use go with the flow  as your mantra, it would be now. Embrace change and be open to new opportunities — by doing so, you may be pleasantly surprised with how your day turns out.

Pay close attention to Mercury, the Planet of Communication, as it enters into Scorpio on November 5.  The higher octave of Mercury in Scorpio calls for absolute transparency; however, on the lower levels, it holds its cards tightly to its chest..  Liberation takes place when we free our truths, to create change in our individual lives and in the world.  We may be a little more likely to repeat mistakes we’ve made in the past during this period, so pay extra attention to your decisions and actions this month.

Scorpio season marks the beginning of eclipse season, with the first partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19. This is — you guessed it — yet another sign that things are about to change.  Eclipses are cosmic portals, mixing the past with the present and the future.  During this time, the cosmos will release all the change that has been building up during the entire year, so those who have been resisting it might experience it the most.  And for those of us that have been craving a meaningful shift, there’s no better time than now to initiate it. 

If there’s one thing to work on this Scorpio season, it’s your own flexibility. You won’t be able to anticipate what’s coming for you this month, given that this time in the astrological calendar is often a cosmically-induced shuffle, so do what you can to be prepared for sudden changes. By the time we’re looking at Scorpio season from our review mirrors, we’ll probably have been through some shifts — but we’ll also likely be better for it.

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