It’s the New Moon night and the actual time of conclusion of the New Moon is 02:45 am on November 5. Mars will be very close to the Moon, and both will not be visible thanks to the bright Sun. This night will also mark the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights.

While all new moons offer the possibility for new beginnings, this week’s new moon in Scorpio adds a little more bang for the proverbial buck. Coming in hot on the heels of Halloween, All Souls Day and Samhain, the pagan celebration of the thinning of the veil between worlds, this new moon is rife with power and the potential for personal renewal. 

The alignment of the Sun, moon and Earth at this time shows us only the shadow side of the moon. In astronomy, the conjunction of three celestial bodies is known as a syzygy, translates roughly to “yoked together.” The definition is apt as the new moon provides the opportunity for us to braid energy and initiative together for the express purpose of moving forward. 


This new moon activates your Eighth House of sex, death and magic. The focus for you this go-round is less about action and more about peering into the parts of yourself that require more coaxing. You’ll need all of you to achieve all you need, so get to work talking to your shadows and listening closely to the echo of their answers. 


The Scorpio new moon falls in your Seventh House of partnership, bull babies. The lesson for you is to go deep — or go home alone. The time is prime for you to surrender to the kind of intimacy that can only come from sharing your wounds and allowing another person to tend to their dressing. 


With the new moon falling in your Sixth House of daily habits, you’re called to question how mundane routines can be ritualized in order to serve you on a deeper level. Even the simple act of folding laundry can be elevated by considering the way what you wear determines how you conceal and reveal yourself. 


This lunation is moving through your Fifth House of creativity and pleasure. It’s a time to be led by — and towards — what feels good. Follow the muddy footprints and popsicle debris of your inner child down the path towards self-love and easy expression.


This dark moon is hitting hard in your Fourth House of home and ancestry. It’s a tender moment for you and you may be tempted to relive the past or waste time reimagining it. Instead, spend time honoring yourself for how you have healed from the pain you inherited and the hurt you were dealt. 


While you never need an invitation to practice the kind of solitude the new moon typically calls for, this cycle is activating your Third House of communication providing the impetus to connect. Whether that looks like making an overdue phone call, writing a long letter or taking a walk with a friend, give someone the medicine of your words. A walk with a friend could be the connection you both need right now.


This new moon activates your Second House of possessions and values, making this an auspicious time to call into being abundance in myriad forms. Remember, Libra: the first step towards reaping rewards of any kind is believing that you deserve them. 


You’re in your apex power at present Scorpio, and there is little you can’t do with the Sun, new moon and Mars in your sign and on your side. Consider your wants wisely and take care not to waste your wishes. 


The new moon is activating your 12th House of the unseen and the unconscious. This lunation may trigger a mild to severe case of existential dread, archer folk. Be brave. You will not find the cure for fear in fleeing from it — only in staring straight at it. 


This new moon is encouraging comradery in your 11th House of friends and community. Now more than ever you are open to the possibility that while you can do it alone, the process of getting it done can be sweetened by collaboration.  


The new moon in Scorpio is moving through your 10th House of career and public perception and facing off with Uranus, your volatile ruler. Sudden twists of fate, radical changes and new opportunities are at hand. Be open to all and trust that everything is conspiring for your greater good. 


This new moon in your Ninth House of travel, philosophy and higher learning wants you to feed your head, Pisces. Any combination of book reading, micro-dosing, Doors records and subliminal stimuli should do the trick. Seek broad horizons and strange shores.

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