Welcome New Moon November 2021 – Disorder Much???

Scorpio season is in full swing, and the veil — a shield that separates the physical from the spiritual — is at its thinnest. This Scorpio new moon is calling on you to get in touch with the shadow side of life in order to acknowledge and celebrate your inner truth. The Scorpio new moon occurs on November 4 at 5:14 p.m. ET/2:14 p.m. PT. Though Halloween will be in the rearview, this moon may present stunning surprises. 

The Scorpio new moon on November 4, 2021 is opposite Uranus. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon November 2021 astrology relates to a struggle for independence that may be associated with the exploration and expression your unique individuality and personality. It maybe bring  the potential for disorder with unexpected and sudden changes that are difficult to adjust to. But keeping an open mind can present unique opportunities to find a better way forward through times of upheaval and chaos. With this month’s new moon falling in magnetic, deeply emotional, spiritually-gifted Scorpio, you’ll feel even more connected to your intuition and potentially willing to go swimming in powerful, complex feelings.

The proximity to an eclipse and an opposition to Uranus spur major change.  This particular new moon could feel even more intense and game-changing, as it’s falling within the same month and just two weeks ahead of a lunar eclipse in its opposite sign. Eclipses bring major shakeups and sudden shifts, and this new moon serves as a preview of that energy.

The main aspect it makes is an opposition to Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion, in Taurus, which can stir up anxiety and a desire to break free of anything that’s no longer serving you. Expect the unexpected and a nudge to move in a whole new direction, particularly when it comes to moneymaking, joint resources, and intimacy, as those are the areas of life that Taurus and Scorpio rule. 

It’s time to reach deep down into the depths of your soul. It might not be easy, but any soul-searching done now can lead to insights that will help set you on a path more closely aligned with your higher purpose than ever before. Given that the new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, the energy of this day (which occurs roughly every 28 days) is commonly used to start new projects, begin new habits and give our rituals a boost.

Although every month’s new moon is a little different based on the influence of the other planets and the sign in which it occurs, the principles of a new moon are still the same. It is a time to finish processing the learnings from the previous full moon (generally two weeks before) and integrate those learnings to create intentions or goals that you wish to move towards.  

It’s almost as if the universe opens a little window between our world and the world of the unseen.  And don’t forget that this time of the year is known as “the thinning of the veil”.  This is the time when it is easiest to communicate with the other side.

This New Moon in the sign of Scorpio has arguably one of the widest windows of the year. Your desires can flow through with ease, right into the ear of the universe! On the flip side, though, since a window can let in as much light as it allows out, messages or prompts regarding how you can move forward will be flowing through as well. This will be heightened by a direct opposition to Uranus, lord of change, chaos and innovation and a loose square to Saturn, ruler of karma, responsibility and structure.  This will be tricky !

With Saturn and Uranus throwing a little shade, things might get testy. The keys to navigating this energy will be patience and compassion. The universe isn’t out to get you! And of course, remember that you are an active partner in the creation of this journey we call life. The planets are just there to help us understand, integrate and see parts of ourselves we might not know or want to acknowledge. This time around, Saturn might use this New Moon to show you some weak spots in your foundation, so that you can repair those areas and strengthen your spirit. Uranus might throw you a curveball in the form of a sudden change or development. Instead of sobbing about it, see it as a message from the universe that there is a better way to go about life. 

In a nutshell, this new moon might not be one of the most pleasant of the year, but it can for sure be one of the most transformative—if you let it. Observe whatever comes up and use that feedback as a guide to set intentions of the changes you wish to see in your life.

In secretive Scorpio, change is as much an “inside job” as it is an outer transformation. This new moon is the nudge you need to examine your beliefs, buried feelings, and self-imposed limitations.

Here are some tips to begin your journey at the 2021 Scorpio new moon. And remember, you don’t have to handle it all at once.

Upcycle your closet

Reuse, repurpose, and upcycle! Creative Scorpio has a knack for reviving relics from the past. With a little style-sleuthing, this new moon could bring some serious finds. Scour consignment sites for a pair of elevated combat boots or vintage Levi’s that you can adorn with bleach for a 90s throwback. Shop your own closet for pieces you can refresh with patches, scissors, or other modifications. Maybe it’s time to pull out that novel or album you’ve started and stopped so many times and commit to it once again. 

 Embrace your shadow

Turbulent emotions can arise under this new moon—and whether they express themselves internally (Pluto) or externally (Mars), the experience can be both arousing and unsettling. Have you been suppressing any “negative” feelings, like jealousy or anger? If so, they could bubble up like hot lava from a dormant volcano. Instead of denying your angst, find a healthy outlet to unleash that pent-up emotion. Work out vigorously, unleash a primal scream…how about singing?

Build a portfolio—starting wherever you are

Time for some money moves! Scorpio rules our long-term resources like stocks, real estate investments; basically, anything that’s loaned and owned. Look beyond the 9-5 grind to illuminate new paths to prosperity. Commissions, royalties, bonuses, and inheritances are Scorpio’s domain—and so is marrying into money.

But either way, now is the time to activate your assets. Do you have a retirement account—and if you do, does it include a diversified mix of high and low risk investments to satisfy your personal comfort level?

Be Honest With  Yourself

If you shut down because of fear or a perceived failure, this lunar lift can put you back on the path to progress. But first, get real about any painful emotions you’ve been hanging onto. Are you disappointed? Discouraged? Down in the dumps? Find supportive people who can safely hold space while you share your vulnerable emotions. Just make sure you don’t stop there!

The new moon in Scorpio is a time of emotional intensity. The fixed water sign is the private investigator of the zodiac, which makes the November 2021 new moon a great time to look inward. “Scorpio season 2021 will force you to parse out reactivity from intuition so that you can clearly scope out who has your back, who is triggering you, and what they’re setting off within.”  This is the last new moon of the year that’s not an eclipse, making it the last cosmically safe time to manifest without incurring the wrath of an eclipse’s volatility. (You know….be careful what you wish for). “Eclipses blast open the gates to forces, which are neither subtle nor peaceful. “This is not a moment for wading in the depths and discovering inner treasures, but for burning away, and claiming what survives the inferno.”

As with all things Scorpio-related, this new moon will be emotionally intense, and only further magnified by an opposition from disruption-prone Uranus. Big shocks or revelations could be coming, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The fiery planet Mars is on your side; as Scorpio’s traditional ruler, the planet of action will align with the new moon and add a boost of motivation to help any intentions come to fruition.

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