Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” you’ll feel the prevailing astrological energy—no matter what day of the year you were born. Sagittarius Season 2021 begins November 21 and ends December 21.

Have you been flying under the radar during Scorpio season? Come out, log in, wherever you are! The spirit of adventure may overtake you in a big way during Sagittarius season 2021—and what a refreshing change of pace. After a month of obsessively focused Scorpio energy, you can adjust your viewfinder to the broadminded, wide-angle lens that Sagittarius is famous for. 

Sagittarius is the third of the zodiac’s three fire signs and part of the “mutable” quality (or triplicity). Mutable signs (the others are Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces) are all about change and variety. While this monthlong cycle might not be the best time to make binding decisions, it is an optimal window for adventurous exploration. Seek and ye shall find!

Here are seven ways you can tap into the spirit of Sagittarius Season 2021 to channel the Archer’s fiery courage:

1. Unleash your optimism.

As the star sign of the courageous Archer, high-minded Sagittarius represents endless possibilities. Studies have shown that positive thinking enhances well-being and leads to a richer, more fulfilling life. After the intense, tunnel-vision of Scorpio season, philosophical Sagittarius pulls you back so you can view the big picture. Step into other people’s hiking boots and check out the whole deciduous forest—not just that small grove of maples.

True, positive thinking alone can’t erase the struggles. But a mindset shift can fill the glass beyond its half-empty state. It was Sagittarius Dale Carnegie, born November 24, 1888, who penned, the world’s first truly influential self-help book, How To Win Friends and Influence People

A word of warning: This does not mean painting a shiny coat of B.S. over reality.  To help the future, sometimes you got to go back to the past, and sometimes you got to stay in the present.” 

2. Take a calculated risk.

High-rolling Sagittarius is the zodiac’s gambler. During this four-week cycle, tossing the dice on an opportunity can yield breakthrough results. If you feel the need to shake up the status quo, set up a safety net. Check out multiple options prior to casting your final vote. Seek expert advice and play out worst-case scenarios: What could you stand to lose—and what would leave you out in the cold?

Even if you’re taking a huge chance, you don’t have to place all your chips on the table. Calculated risks can move the needle without requiring blind optimism. So don’t just fall in love with people’s potential or pour your life savings into an investment that “intuitively feels” like it could be the next Bitcoin. While this solar cycle can make us all a little luckier than usual, handle the due diligence and know what you’re getting yourself into…before you leap.

3. Employ humor as your superpower.

Wisecracking Sagittarius is the master of the mic drop, finding the divine comedy in life. During this solar season, humor is a sharp tool for dealing with circumstances that feel too overwhelming to comprehend. Take a cue from Sagittarius comedian Margaret Cho, whose mother inspired hours of stand-up material that was both hilarious and heartwarming.

4. Sharpen your media literacy.

Build your platform and unleash your truth! This media-savvy fire sign can help you spread a crucial message. Many famous authors and lyricists were born while the Sun was in Sagittarius, including Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, Jay Z, and Mos Def. It’s a busy time of year, but that doesn’t have to derail your dreams of becoming the next publishing mogul. Think like a journalist. Every walk you take around your neighborhood could be a story lead or report waiting to unfold. Those mind-blowing conversations you have with your best friend could inspire others to think outside the box if you record the dialogue as a split-screen Instagram Live. 

Even if you’re more of a consumer than a maker, you can sharpen your media literacy. We can’t stem the tide of information in the digital age, but we can learn to read and digest it critically. The power of the pen (and pixel) goes both ways. Remember to post and consume mindfully. Don’t believe the hype! Check the “facts” against credible research from multiple sources. And even then, remember that every story also has the writer’s spin on it. Take it all in, then form your own opinions.

5. Embrace inclusion and equity.

We live in a diverse world, and astrological ambassador Sagittarius is here to stretch us beyond familiar terrain. Fortunately, a passport is not required to broaden your horizons. Just focus on your mindset. In recent years, organizations and individuals have come to understand that promoting diversity does little to effect change. In order to move beyond mere “optics,” embracing inclusion and equity is a must. 

 Inclusion “is about folks with different identities feeling and/or being valued, leveraged, and welcomed within a given setting.” Or as one facilitator interviewed put it, “Diversity is being asked to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Equity, on the other hand, “is an approach that ensures everyone access to the same opportunities. It recognizes that advantages and barriers exist, and that, as a result, we all don’t start from the same place. Equity is a process that begins by acknowledging that unequal starting place and makes a commitment to correct and address the imbalance.”

Sagittarius season 2021 is the perfect time for people to open their minds and hearts. For some of us, that looks like taking a difficult personal inventory. For others, it’s directing privileged friends toward these resources so as not to have to educate them on their own unconscious biases.

6. Expand your repertoire during Sagittarius season 2021.

Whatever your upbringing, this is a time to wander beyond the familiar. Read novels by authors who hail from varied cultural backgrounds. Explore world music, like Quechua rap, which has given voice to young Peruvian activists. Watch independent films or series with lead characters who don’t usually make it to the Hollywood mainstream, like Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You and Ryan O’Connell’s Special.

But before you start piling on fashions from around the world or starting an international food blog, educate yourself on the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation. That way, your homage will hit the mark instead of offending the very people you wish to applaud.

7. Teach, don’t preach!

This is a time for speaking your truth, even if it isn’t the popular opinion in the room. We all wish the holidays could bring some peace at last. Warning: Sagittarius season 2021 can make you preachy, but under the influence of this impulsive, impatient fire sign, you may fail to back up those zealous words with action. Have you been shouting in the metaphoric bullhorn? Step down from the fiery soapbox and walk your talk. 

Have you mastered a skill? Maybe it’s time to turn it into a bona fide workshop to pass on your knowledge—and hey, even leave a legacy. Or better yet, how about leading a virtual retreat? It won’t be the same as escaping to a beachside enclave, but with a little creativity, you can still transport your students in the metaphoric sense. 

Tip: You could declare some spaces (like a Zoom holiday gathering) a politics-free zone. But the personal is political, so come prepared to listen and discuss. During Sagittarius season 2021, there’s a chance to create dialogue and step into other people’s shoes. Unity might just be possible after all.

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