Last Online Psychic & Mediumship Class Of 2021

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT CLASS ONLINE ON MICROSOFT OFFICE TEAMS. EVERY WEDNESDAY. Each class is $15. (716) 481-2799. Class is online each week so you can learn in a comfortable environment without leaving your house. You will have access to the documents and the recording. Call, or text me to join. No previous experience needed. Wednesday December 15, 7-9 pm. Last class of 2021. We will resume in January of 2022.

Lesson: Past Life Regression and Readings. Do you have unexplained phobias or nightmares? Are you extremely attracted to places you know you’ve never visited? Have you always felt older than what your age reflects? Are you solitary, thoughtful, and intuitive? Do you feel like an outsider constantly looking into a society that doesn’t feel like your home? Let’s work on finding answers to these and many more. 2020 and 2021 have been karmic years for everyone, let’s find out what in your past has been repeated. Knowing your past can heal your present with your loved ones.

Come learn with us ! You can take these classes even if you just want to increase your own self awareness. Call the number above to sign up or message me on here. Class is payable via Etsy, Cash App, Venmo, Square and Zelle.


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