December 18, 2021 Full Moon Horoscopes

The final full moon of 2021 is upon us, bringing with it the mortal and immortal twin energy of Gemini. As we head into this powerful lunar event, the aspects brought on by the Sagittarius new moon on Dec. 4th are still at play. So, when the full moon in Gemini peaks on Saturday, Dec. 18 at 11:36 p.m. EST, be prepared to tap into this energy with a focus on healing old wounds and shedding whatever you don’t want to carry into the new year.

The third zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which will be enhanced under this full moon. It’s a good time to balance that throat chakra (get you a blue kyanite crystal) and speak your truth, whether to yourself or another. It’s also a great time to speak out affirmations as this twin energy signifies a closer connection between our physical and spiritual worlds. If you’re manifesting love, journal about what you’ve learned from past mistakes and how you are moving forward to attract an ideal partner. Read it out loud as if the universe was hanging on your every word. Believe it. Breathe it. Feel it. Live it. With Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and money going into retrograde shortly after the full moon, matters of the heart are on full display.

So, letting go of old grievances that may surface during this full moon is important. This way you don’t carry negative residual energy into 2022. With Mercury squaring off Chiron, the wounded healer, we can let our guards down a bit, especially if you’ve built walls of resistance around you due to failed love. You never have to be someone’s doormat, but making slight mental adjustments or a change in perspective may be what’s needed to clear the path for new love.

In fact, the full moon in Gemini will be directly opposite the galactic center, known as the heart of our universe, which is chock full o’ magic. Remember those sudden unexpected shifts ignited by the Sagittarius new moon? It only added to the potency of this magical and mysterious center, which could truly feel out of this world.

It’s the perfect dance between Gemini and Sagittarius to end 2021 with a bang. The full moon in Gemini represents our logical thinking, but Sag is a big-picture kind of thinker. That balance is great fuel to rev up for 2022.

Aries  March 21- April 20

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: December’s Full Moon suggests that there may be issues with one or more of these areas: your siblings, neighbors, your car if you have one, potentially with a contract that needs to be signed, or with a scenario linked to training or education. Communication is the common denominator in each of these situations, and since lunar energy can increase the intensity around such issues, common sense might go out of the window as strong emotions take hold. Avoid going into anything now thinking that you know it all and have the upper hand, because the chances are that you won’t have, so be prepared to listen and negotiate rather than dictate.

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: This Full Moon confirms the need to take a long hard look at your finances as you could find you’ve miscalculated on the money front. It’s possible that the sums might add up in your favor, but there might perhaps be a shortfall or an expense you hadn’t expected. Since this is a Full Moon there’s a suggestion of closure on one situation, so you might pay off a debt or hit a savings goal so that you can make a big-ticket purchase. You tend to equate success with what you own, but this is a wake-up call to value yourself in other ways, through your accomplishments or even through your generosity. It’s also a good time to think seriously about what makes you feel stable in life, and work out a plan to get what it is you need to feel secure.

Gemini   May 22- June 21

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: This month’s Full Moon falls in your own sign so it’s likely that you’ll be thinking a great deal more than usual about your role in life, how you come across to others, and what, if anything, might be missing from your life the way it is now. You may also be extra emotional. Full Moons often have that effect, so avoid making rash decisions that might be tricky to unpick later when you’re feeling more rational and less under duress from the Moon’s beams. Use this Full Moon to shake off what’s no longer ‘truly you’ then aim to become the best version of yourself it’s possible to be.

Cancer June 22 – July 22

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: Whatever’s been going on under the surface for you over the past few months may rise to the top this month, by the light of the Full Moon. Things could get emotional, and it’s likely that you’ll be in two minds about a decision you have to make. The outcome will ultimately be both therapeutic and a relief, since you’ll have some sort of closure on a situation. Aim to be methodical rather than purely instinctive with your decision-making process, hard as that might be under the influence of these extra powerful moonbeams. Time for personal reflection and relaxation is essential this month too, to restore your inner zen. When you look back at this phase you’ll see that what occurred, big or small, was the right thing to happen at the right time.

Leo July 23 – August23

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: This month’s Full Moon influences your friendships, and it’s possible that you might contentedly complete a task you’ve been collaborating on with a BFF, or there could be a falling out if you find you have different views on how something should be done, or disagree about who should get most credit and kudos for the project. Communication is key with this Full Moon, so negotiate and talk things through despite the heightened mood and emotions that may be around at this time. You might also find that you gravitate towards groups who are more in tune with your mindset now, as you realise you’ve been missing connecting with others who truly share your dreams and visions, aims and goals.

Virgo  August 24- September22

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: Since December’s Full Moon influences your career and work, it’s likely that you’ll complete a long-term goal or project now. If that is the case then be aware that you might have missed something vital, as this Full Moon is accompanied by an eclipse, and eclipses often conceal things that only become significant further down the line. Check and double-check everything before you sign off on anything. You might receive a promotion where you work or decide to move on to another role in a different company, or start your own side-hustle. You’ll certainly be in two minds about your career choices. Eclipse action can force issues you’ve been procrastinating over, and you may find yourself in a position that you hadn’t expected, one that you will come to realise turns out to be the best thing that could have happened. The ‘powers that be’ are watching you at work now, so get up to date on your work intel, delete any dodgy social media posts, and present yourself in the best possible light to make headway, in the right way, with your career.

Libra  September 23- October 23

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: A chance to broaden your education or to explore your spirituality could arise now, and you may find you’re drawn to travel, a writing project, or to putting your ideas out into the wider world of the internet. Legal issues or concerns about injustice are also likely to be on your mind now, globally more than personally. Since you’re often seen as a great negotiator and mediator, you may find that your particular skills and talents in these areas are more in demand than usual. What you’ve been doing with your life up until now may not feel big enough or bold enough, and you could switch your allegiance and interests to other areas altogether, or you might decide to add a second set of skills to your skill set. This Full Moon also suggests that you might have simply overlooked the fact that you’ve already taken on too much and too many other people’s problems, so gently pare things down and focus on putting your own spiritual needs in order first.

Scorpio October 24 – November 22

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: There’s a transformation in store for you now thanks to this month’s Full Moon. Something has to go, in order to make way for something better and more ‘you’, the way you are now and who you’re becoming. You’re a fixed sign which suggests that you prefer to resist change, but you’re actually a slow burner who tends to metamorphose gradually so that the change is almost imperceptible, but you’re already likely to be vastly different now from what you were like just a few years ago. Issues linked to relationships, joint financial responsibilities and intimacy may emerge now. Avoid a rash ‘crash and burn’ scenario, because there’s always another way that gives you room to maneuver if you stop to think things through. Release your vice-like grip on something or someone you’ve been scared to let go of, or unburden yourself of a secret or a fear, but do choose your confidante wisely. The price of freedom now could be making the decision to open up and reveal your vulnerability.

Sagittarius  November 23- December 21

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: The Full Moon this month falls in your relationship zone so you’re likely to be taking a good look at your most important romantic and business partnerships now. Celebrate those that are thriving and look at ways to make them even better, or if you’re feeling dragged down rather than lifted up by certain close connections, now is perhaps the time to consider letting go. If you’re single and searching, this Full Moon could prompt you to change the way you connect with potential partners. If there’s been duplicity and cheating, in business, love or any other area of your life, this Full Moon could bring things to light with big decisions needing to be made. Everything may seem more intense now and this extreme lunar energy can push people into hasty reactions, so take a breath and think things over before you either quit or commit.

Capricorn  December 22- January 20

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: You might ace a well being goal this month or, if you’ve been dragging your heels over your health you may finally decide it’s time to take some positive action about an ongoing concern. This goes for your pets too, if you have them and are worried about their well being. It also applies to your work situation especially if you’re being overloaded with multiple tasks, as stress could force you not only to reassess the value of your role but, more importantly, help you figure out better ways to survive and thrive during the nine to five. It’s vital not to react over-emotionally now as Full Moons can intensify moods so that they’re out of proportion. The main motivation with this lunar light is that it urges you to think your way through things and see both sides of a situation, to figure out an alternative to the way things are if they’re not currently beneficial to your health and happiness.

Aquarius  January 21- February 18

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: If you’ve felt hemmed in and restricted lately you could feel an urge togo wild and let your hair down when the Full Moon arrives this month. Going to extremes with pleasure is likely and while this could be hugely enjoyable it could potentially take you to some uncertain places with possible repercussions further down the line. With a focus on fun, flirtation and romance now, there is also a greater emphasis on babies. If you’ve had ‘that’ discussion with a Significant Other then within a good romance you might make that your next major step, while the next step for a bad romance may be out of the door marked ‘exit’. How ever this plays out for you, if you manage to keep your head and don’t overreact, once the Full Moon begins to wane you’ll know you’ve done the right thing.

Pisces February 19 – March 20

Full Moon Effect—What to Expect: This month’s Full Moon lands in your home zone, so all things linked to where you live, how you live, and who with are up for scrutiny now. Discussions about current living arrangements could come to a head under these emotive Moonbeams but be prepared to negotiate rather than to argue, because you’ll do better with a win-win outcome now than trying to fight a losing battle. It might be time to move out or move on, or to seek professional advice about a long-standing issue linked to your family upbringing that might have been holding you back from living life fully. Even a tiny shift of focus can bring about an important life-correcting change now. and rather than acting in haste, do some research before you make any kind of move especially if you’re buying property or co-signing a lease, or relocating to take a new job.

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