Capricorn Season Begans….NOW ! December 22, January 19.

Lodged in between Fiery Sagittarius and Airy Aquarius, Earthy Capricorn picks up and drops off a couple of the traits that fit along the cusp. Yet Capricorns are uniquely their own. They know exactly who they are and what they came to do here — and it’s probably not to dance.

When does Capricorn season start?

If you were born at the end of the year to the beginning of the new year, you’re a Capricorn. As such, Capricorn Season begins on December 22nd and lasts until January 19th, when Aquarius Season starts.

Making money and working hard is Capricorn in a nutshell. And the interesting part is that this season is also one that will affect others, whether they are Capricorn or not. As we enter the zodiacal season of Capricorn, we get to experience its influence, and it’s quite a positive influence. When we come to recognize how Capricorn affects us, no matter our zodiac sign, we can use that knowledge to improve ourselves.

Was 2020 a good year for Capricorn? Will 2021 be lucky?

If anyone was to make it out alive and unscathed by this unrelenting year, it would be Capricorn. Why? Because Capricorns are survivors. They don’t play games; they get right to the point, and if survival is the point, they don’t divert. They stay on point and get the job of living done well. These aren’t just words; this is the way of Capricorn.

It wasn’t luck that got them through 2020, and it won’t be luck that gets them through 2021; it’s hard work, a responsible take on their own lives, and a serious desire to put in the effort it takes to make the world a better place. We would all do ourselves a favor by implementing a few of Capricorn’s natural survival instincts.

What do Astrological Seasons mean?

As for the rest of us, how do these astrological seasons affect us? What we can expect for our own lives when we pass through the season of Capricorn? The first thing we have to know is that we are most definitely influenced by the cosmos. And what are the cosmos but stars, planets and galactic bodies?

Why do we care about such things? Because, in nature, all things are connected, and that means humans are directly affected by what happens to our planet and sky. It’s the butterfly effect. If a star explodes somewhere in the universe, that event will affect its nearby star neighbors and, eventually, that will trickle down to us. “We are all in this together” isn’t restricted to the human race; it’s a prevalent truth that covers the entire scope of the universe.

So, when late December knocks, we all open our doors to the same season: Capricorn. And that means we all get a little taste of what the Capricorn universe is about. Now, once we leave Capricorn, we enter Aquarius Season. To prepare for this, we need to know that we move into a new influence: an Air element.

All that we came to know during Capricorn Season starts to fade and, once again, we feel the revolution that is Aquarius. It’s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, as they say, and that automatically implies that we walk into what we might call “harmony and understanding.”

During Aquarius Season, be prepared to change your life for the better, as this season gives us hope, happiness and radiant health.

What does Capricorn Season mean?

Capricorn is a complex Earth element sign, which explains all the pragmatism that comes along with it.

Much like fellow Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, this sign brings out the solid thinker in all of us. Earth element signs are just that: down to earth, which implies realistic, honest, open and natural. Symbolically, Capricorn is represented by the mythological Sea Goat. Its ruling planet is Saturn, which represents restriction, a trait that plays out in Capricorn folks as cool-headed, lacking in intimacy, and factual without embellishment.

In other words, Capricorns are hard-headed truth-seekers who can sometimes come across as snobs, edge lords or cold people, in general. When Capricorn is upon us, we all feel a little smarter, a little more independent than usual, and we all get it into our heads that we can, no matter what we want to achieve. Capricorn is the go-getter, the overachiever, the one who gets the job done.

But Capricorn is also the one who expects pay for their work, so when we are in Capricorn Season, we become ambitious, driven to complete our tasks, and able to see success as our future.

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