Lessons Learned In Adversity

The year changed, the unlearned lessons remain the same for the planet. Teaching moment: Saturn (planet of karma) is still in Aquarius which is part of the Psychic Astrology and Karmic Astrology courses I’m going to teach starting in January. AND speaking of that…online Psychic and Development class will restart January 19, and we can all use a good dose of spirituality to remind ourselves that we are ALL spirit having a human experience. So: I’ve decided to post lessons learned in adversity: 1 per day. Check the post section to find the first lesson.

Lesson #2

2. Learn gratitude

After adversity, you tend to learn how to be more grateful than you were before. Although you may have lost things during the tough trials, you can see what you have left and just how blessed you are to have these remaining things in your life. It’s funny how when life takes things away then as we evolve we tend to be more thankful, isn’t it?

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