Your January 14, 2021Mercury Retrograde Horoscope Includes Lots of Retrogrades—But You’ll Survive!

The first month of  2022 may put you to the test, but don’t worry; no one’s grading you. These retrogrades are simply revealing what needs work, giving you a manual for how you can make the rest of the year count!

Aries Sun, Rising and Moon:

Contrary to the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne,” you’re not in the mood to go down memory lane or relive the past with your friends, colleagues and family. You’re in the mood to squash the drama and start anew with everyone you know — especially your coworkers and upper management at work during Jan. 2’s new moon and Jan. 8’s Venus star point in Capricorn. You’ll have to put more energy than you’d like into mending these relationships during Jan. 17’s full moon and Mars’ stride into Capricorn on Jan. 24. Relationships will be chill after Venus turns direct on Jan. 29.

Taurus Sun, Rising and Moon;

Start manifesting your 2022 visions during the Venus star point on Jan. 8. With the right amount of energy and gusto, your dreams will take off when Venus retrograde ends on Jan. 29. Being that the North Node of Destiny and Uranus turn direct on your sun sign, it’ll be easier than ever to lean into your fate. The stars are aligning and giving you the push to attain your deepest desires. The world is your oyster. This is the year in which the impossible will become possible. After all, the word “impossible” literally spells out “I’m possible.” And you are.

Gemini Sun, Rising and Moon:

Mercury’s sprint into Aquarius on Jan. 2 will ignite your desire to take a class in a subject that fascinates you. The retrograde from Jan. 14 to Feb. 3 will make you question whether or not to pursue your passion due to a temporary lack of drive — which you’ll later regret. Don’t be your own worst enemy on Jan. 3 and sign up anyway. Even if you’re unsure of the future, it is the right time to pursue everything that’s been on the back burner. Your mind will be thankful and appreciative of the extra knowledge.

Cancer Sun, Rising and Moon:

The month of January brings old issues to the surface in your most intimate relationship. The days ahead are meant to heal existing problems and bring you back together. The new moon on Jan. 2, followed by the powerful Venus star point on Jan. 8 and the emotional full moon on Jan. 17 serve as optimal times to express your deepest sentiments to your crush or significant other. Try to move away from arguments when Mars and Mercury retrograde enter Capricorn on the 24th and 25th. This will lead you both toward a better understanding of each other when Venus turns direct on Jan. 29.

Leo Sun, Rising and Moon:

Your reign as being one of the most powerful forces isn’t over; it’s just on pause while you navigate the next steps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any professional decisions or career moves until Jan. 18, when Uranus ends its planetary retrograde that began on Aug. 19 and the North Node shifts into Taurus. This will lead you toward making plans that will change the scope of your work for the better. Not only will you feel inspired by the cosmos, but they’ll push you to evolve with the times and trends.

Virgo Sun, Rising and Moon:

Mercury’s backward spin, which begins on Jan. 14 and lasts until Feb. 3, Is giving you the chance to get your schedule in place for the new year. This time, you will be able to structure your daily activities around your job, family obligations and own needs as you allow yourself a moment to implement self-care. Be sure to stick to your new schedule, even if it’s hard due to the fact that you overwork yourself to the point of burning the candle at both ends — something you want to avoid doing in 2022.

Libra Sun, Rising and Moon:

The Venus star point on Jan. 8 will motivate you to spruce up your home with a new look. Before you go overboard by planning a total overhaul of your dwelling, take a step back and decide if you’re ready for that big of a commitment. You may change your mind and decide the paint colors you chose aren’t your vibe when Venus turns direct on Jan. 29. It’s smart to start small with a few accent pillows or curtains. Simple upgrades will transform a room without having to convert the whole space.

Scorpio Sun, Rising and Moon:

The new year is urging you to upgrade your friend group and connect with some pals from the past. The good news is that they’ll be receptive to connecting on Jan. 18, when the North Node of Destiny enters the partnership sector of your chart. As long as you’re willing to leave old squabbles behind you, Jan. 19 will offer you the new beginning that you long for. Mars’ entrance into Capricorn on Jan. 24 will give you the certainty you need to move forward — which is a positive start to growing and maintaining friendships in 2022.

Sagittarius Sun, Rising, and Moon:

A position or promotion that you’ve been eyeing is in arm’s reach on Jan. 3. You’re having second thoughts about accepting it because the salary and package isn’t what you hoped for. Being that Jupiter, your planetary ruler, squares the Nodes of Destiny on the 3rd and Venus is in its backswing, you will be able to renegotiate the contract for more money. The best day to start the dialogue is on Jan. 8 because the Venus star point will help you get the extra cash you desire. Whether or not you take the job is up to you.

Capricorn Sun, Rising and Moon:

There is a lot of making up that needs to be done. Fortunately, the new moon on Jan. 2 and the Venus star point on Jan. 8 allow you to get a fresh start with others. Now that you are beginning to focus more on how your actions affect others — the sentiment echoed during Jan. 17’s full moon — you’ll try to make amends with those you’ve hurt.

Aquarius Sun, Rising and Moon:

Mercury’s moonwalk, which starts on Jan. 14, is making you unsure about the state of your relationships. You do not want to throw the towel in and run away from the people you love. However, you’re definitely in need of some emotional space. A heavy dose of boundary setting is essential to help you overcome these obstacles and deep-seated sentiments — especially during your solar return, which starts on Jan. 19. This will this help your friends and family understand their role in your life and create guidelines about how you want to be treated.

Pisces Sun, Rising and Moon:

The year starts off with the new moon in Capricorn asking you to assess your personal goals and define your pursuits in 2022. The caveat is that you may be questioning which road you wish to take on Jan. 3 when your planetary ruler, Jupiter, who’s currently in alignment with your sun, shares a fraught aspect with the Nodes of Destiny. You will be unsure about your path until Jan. 18. You’ll be swayed to make your own unique mark on the world by taking the road less traveled and embracing newness into your life.

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