Lessons Learned From Adversity

At various stages of your life, you will face various challenges. And there will always be life lessons to learn from this adversity. Whether you lose a job, leave a long-term relationship, or grieve the loss of a family member, you’re going to suffer. I sound negative, but I’m just trying to be real with you.

What you can learn from adversity? Life lessons will sober you up quickly. They will make you do self-inventory and see things from different perspectives. Lessons learned from adversity can even change your life completely. Adversity will give you the strength to face change and make change. Because once you’ve been pulled from your comfort zone, you may not have a choice.

Each day for 10 days I’m posting a new lesson. Check my posts for the other ones. And what are these lessons?.

Last but not least”

10. Learn to love harder

When troubled times come, we learn a great and powerful lesson. We learn how to love harder. We learn that no matter how much the pain rips into us, we can still love. Now, that doesn’t mean tolerating abuse and that sort of thing. You can love and still not surround yourself with the problem, you know.

I mean a higher love this is what we learn to do when things get unbearable. If we must, we can walk away, but we should never let that universal love die inside of us. We just love much harder than before. That includes loving ourselves as we should.

There are other life lessons we can learn from adversity, but these are some of the most powerful ones. Take some time and think about where you are in life – instead of complaining about what you do not have, be thankful.

Instead of worrying, try to practice a bit of faith. And, instead of holding that grudge, try to let go. After all, the only one you hurt, by holding onto past adversity, is you. So, embrace these lessons, and enjoy the feeling of true freedom.

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