Horoscopes for Sun in Aquarius Season

A Sun in Aquarius is a Sun that’s very far from home. In the sign opposite Leo, its golden kingdom, Sol takes on the hooded guise of a vagabond, a rebel, an outsider. The solar season of Aquarius has a lot to do with reaching for creative solutions in the spaces where you don’t feel like you have an insider’s birthright to shine or be seen.

During this time, we become ourselves more fully by inventing ourselves on purpose. This year, Aquarius Season ushers us into the future by giving us a surplus of forward momentum. Both Venus and Mercury wrap up their retrogrades this month. Meanwhile, a slowly mounting sextile between Jupiter and Uranus goes exact on February 17th, infusing the zeitgeist with sky-high, outside-of-the-box daydreams. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st mingles with the now-separating Saturn / Uranus square, giving us a chance to emotionally recenter ourselves within the rubble of yesterday’s order. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you. Take what works for you, and leave the rest.

Aries & Aries Rising This Aquarius Season, go ahead and marvel at the strides you’ve made over the last year within a movement, coalition, or community effort. Remember how heavy-handed that directive felt in February of 2021? And wouldn’t you say things are starting to gel now after a year of being in transition? When Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun on January 23rd, whatever hasn’t yet gelled will at least make a startling amount of sense to you. Run with the insights you receive on this day, and share them widely. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on what you’re currently doing within the group, you’re also in the process of consolidating your impact professionally or as a leader. When your ruling planet, Mars, enters Capricorn on January 24th, every lesson you’ve internalized regarding power and how to wield it will have its moment in the spotlight. As Mercury and Venus station direct, your public-facing roles go through their own rebirth. By February, you have your mind and heart set on what (or who) you’re ready to become in the world. Even more actionably, you understand how to convey this with your messaging and aesthetic.

Taurus & Taurus Rising You’ve had a world of responsibility placed on your shoulders over the last year. After a year of awkward — okay, tumultuous — fits and starts around your personal and professional becoming, you might be ready to give yourself some credit for how far you’ve come. If you’re not sure what the big idea is in this regard, Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun on January 23rd might spell it out for you in high definition. You might even become the mouthpiece for a bit of channeled inspiration. After Mercury stations direct and returns to Aquarius on February 14th, you’ll be implementing the guidance in real time. The marquee event is probably when your ruling planet, Venus, stations direct on January 29th. You are making an about-face in your exploration of what it means to embody the concepts you love and the principles you hold dear. Your visionary talents are running high right now, and you’ll sense your superpowers building the closer you get to the fist-bump between Jupiter and Uranus on February 17th.

Gemini & Gemini Rising Whether you’re fully cognizant of it or not, you’ve been doing a lot of work over the last year to establish your politics, spirituality, and intellectual pursuits on solid ground. As Aquarius season rolls around the bend again, you too get a sense of it all coming full circle. If you’re still working on reevaluating some things, you’re right on time. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is wrapping up its retrograde. Keep your notes app handy on January 23rd — an important message from above, or perhaps through your tarot deck, comes through crystal clear today. Mercury will briefly sojourn back into Capricorn before stationing direct on February 3rd. It might not feel like progress if you have to go back to collect an old grudge, debt, or thing that was owed to you. Deciding which ghosts to forgive, forget, or confront is one way to ground back into forward momentum. Tapping into the radical dimensions of your dreams is another. As Jupiter and Uranus approach each other in a collaborative exchange that peaks on February 17th, your professional life begins to pop more vividly. Your subconscious mind will be the site of many spontaneous flashes of inspiration. Listen in.

Cancer & Cancer Rising When you’re rebuilding your life on a foundation of grief and existential dread, it’s easy to trick yourself into believing the work can never be finished. This Aquarius Season, what if you rejected the entire notion of “normal”? What if the shadow, the fundamental flaw, became the baseline for your wholeness? You’ve spent the last year constructing an anti-fragile precedent for your future out of the fears, losses, and traumas of the past. Right now, you’re ready to see your progress with a fresh set of eyes. At no point might this be more apparent than on January 23rd, when Mercury dives into the heart of the Sun to retrieve a nugget of channeled wisdom from beyond the veil. On February 1st, the New Moon in Aquarius helps you clear some of the refuse from your somatic and emotional scorecard. This month, an important partnership might also be coming together or coming through for you. Unlearning your default communication and attachment styles is clearing the way for a more secure, assertive bond to take its place. Negotiating with the movers and shakers makes you a mover, too. Some sort of deal looks set to be sealed by the Leo full moon on February 16th. This time, what glitters might very well be gold. No matter what the final asking price comes down to, moving forward will require you to make a radical departure from the status quo.

Leo & Leo Rising One whole solar revolution later, you’re beginning to see the light. Or at least the shape of the sturdy new precedent you’ve set in your relationships over the last year. Laying the groundwork has likely been a collaborative effort. Still, a lot has hinged on your willingness to approach partnership like its own entity. As the Sun treads through Aquarius, you sense the ways a little detachment helps you meet others halfway. Making it up as you go along is usually the way it works when it comes to love and alliances. On January 23rd, the clouds part momentarily to reveal the brilliance of what you’ve been weaving with another person — or within your own heart. It’s been a messy year, and moving forward might require a little forgiveness. The Aquarius new moon on February 1st is a good opportunity to press the reset button. You’ve got plenty of momentum brewing this month when it comes to work and wellness, too. What was up for review is now starting to cohere. What first came with question marks is now starting to sound like a declaration. The full moon in Leo on February 16th is a pretty grand occasion for you to celebrate all the strength you’ve gathered.

Virgo & Virgo Rising You love a good project, and this past year has been an extended opportunity to reform your own maintenance habits. As the Aquarius Sun scatters its impartial light over your routine chores, work life, and self-care rituals, you might be able to better appreciate how much stronger you’ve become simply by prioritizing your wellness. Still, it’s good to remember that your health isn’t a to-do list item you can put a checkmark next to. You are in a state of perpetual becoming, and that means the goal posts are always moving. As your ruling planet, Mercury, continues its retrograde in this part of your chart, it delivers a lucid flash of insight on January 23rd. Follow up on any antidotes, aches, or life hacks that vie for your attention. Mercury will then backpedal into Capricorn, where it stations direct on February 3rd. All work and no play makes you dull and cranky. The good news is that there’s also a great deal of momentum building for you around pleasure, self-expression, and good times. This is where Venus meets Mars on February 16th, the same day the Leo full moon tunes you into the places where you hide from yourself. An unacknowledged desire becomes ripe for the picking around this time. It can be scary to let yourself have something that requires you to change your life first. Yet this change might be exactly what you need.

Libra & Libra Rising You’ve been busy this past year, and not in the “gruntwork busy” type of way. Since last winter, you’ve been enthralled by a grand process of labor, a significant birthing, a far-reaching creation. The Aquarius Sun turns the overhead light on what you’ve made. Don’t assume you can’t still be in the process of making, either. Mercury is wrapping up a retrograde in Aquarius, aiding you through a revision process. You’ll hear the remix as it’s supposed to sound most clearly on January 23rd, when Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun. You’ll also be pulling significant inspiration from your roots while you’re tending to your flowers. Your ruling planet, Venus, stations direct in your house of origins on January 29th. By then, Mercury is beside Venus, also pivoting forward. If your ancestors give you a song or a poem to sing, carry it forward so you can add your own verse. Venus and Mars link up at the bottom of your chart on February 16th, the same day as the Leo full moon. You’re either hard-launching a new significant other in front of family and friends, or you’re consummating an ancient desire for applause from everyone watching. Don’t be shy — the world loves to see it.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising It’s been quite the year for putting down roots or beginning a new chapter in your family history. Now, as the Aquarius Sun matter-of-factly showcases the progress you’ve made since last winter, kindling your hearth takes on new associations and meanings. Remain open to the narrative threads that are still in the process of revising themselves. Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde, and it dips into your writing corner before resuming direct motion. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open for the messages that make it all clear on January 23rd. Then, journal it out. You’ll feel a surge of strength returning to your bones when your ruling planet, Mars, enters Capricorn on January 24th. The next few weeks will find you at peak competence, particularly when it comes to your ideas and the various ways you give form to them. With Venus and Mercury both stationing direct in the same room where Mars advances, you’ll be channeling an inspired song or work of prose. Keep your eye on the prize — the integrity of your output will be a difficult thing to derail. Don’t be too surprised if new romantic possibilities are also opening up for you. Jupiter and Uranus are meeting up for a leisurely coffee this month, and they’re buzzing with excitement for you to fall in love in a brand new way — whether it’s with someone old, someone new, or with yourself.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising The last couple years have seen you manifest more than one brilliant idea. Now, as the Aquarius Sun reveals the brilliance in your discourse, you’re beginning to see how far your ideas can travel. As Mercury continues its retrograde in Aquarius, it snarls your commute, but aids you in an important revision process. Brilliant thoughts flood your mindmaps on January 23rd. When the right words find you, write them down. Things are also starting to cohere a little more legibly with your finances. A surge of momentum propels your resourcefulness around the beginning of February, as Mercury and Venus both station direct. Understanding your worth and your values is one thing. Being able to articulate it, claim it, and pursue it is another. Right now, you’re getting lifted on all fronts. Aquarius Season also comes with a bit more cosmic weirding than usual as Jupiter approaches Uranus. You’ll probably appreciate the mind-opening potential and unexpected generosity that arrives when the floodgates open. Your ancestors are invested in your wellbeing, and they might work in mysterious ways. Open yourself up to a few technological upgrades on the irrigation system that waters your roots.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising When you look back at the last 12 months, what critical foundations have you built that help you feel a sense of  abundance and respect for your material well-being? What’s special about right now is that you might finally be ready to admit you’ve done something substantial. It’s okay if the work isn’t yet finished. You, too, are a work in progress. As Mercury continues its retrograde through your financial corner, certain things you may have fudged come back up for review. A missing receipt turns up on January 23rd, clarifying a puzzle that had you spinning in circles. This Aquarius Season, a bigger story might be found in the council of planets gathering in Capricorn. In some ways, this is about you launching your best self into the world. After Mars enters Capricorn on January 24th, you become extra effective as a force to be reckoned with. For the next few weeks, cogent masterminding and steady locomotion power your climb up the mountain. Your power comes from your refusal to squander your energy on petty drama. Venus and Mercury are also convening in Capricorn, and they both station direct near the very beginning of February. You’re feeling ready for your closeup. If nothing else, diving into the sandbox of your autobiography helps you retrieve a vital piece of your story. Knowing what to call yourself — and how to style your favorite garments — makes you ever more powerful.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising When the Sun is in Aquarius, it’s either your birthday or it feels like your birthday. This year, your annual signal to rise and shine supplies you with the right kind of lighting to really see the fruits of the personal growth you’ve done over the last year. Don’t assume that you can’t be a work in progress, though. Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius, aiding you on a recon mission to recover lost fragments of your story. Open yourself up to the bright realizations and soul retrievals that burst into your awareness on January 23rd. There’s a New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st, too. What would it mean to emotionally integrate all the changing and refocusing you’ve done over the course of your personal revolution? Even if your foundation is still setting, can you center yourself in your current state of unfolding? At least part of this process will have to occur in the dark. Mercury backtracks into Capricorn before stationing direct on February 3rd, and Venus also ends its retrograde around this time. The soul-searching of the last few weeks, the resurrection of desires you’ve previously denied and disowned, gets a boost of forward momentum. Knowing what you want might mean you have to act on that intelligence. Understand that most of this amounts to shadow-boxing with yourself.

Pisces & Pisces Rising If Aquarius Season empowers you to embrace your inner recluse, then at least you’re right on time for your cosmically scheduled nap. Being porous and sensitive doesn’t predispose you toward having strong energetic boundaries. It does mean you probably need them most of all. Truthfully, you’ve been doing important work on this over the last year. Give yourself credit for the necessary alone time you’ve embraced, the shadow explorations you’ve given form to, the personal demons you’ve named, and the mental health protocols you’ve established. If it’s not obvious to you yet, a moment of insight pierces the veil on January 23rd. To be clear, your social life is not exactly laying fallow at this time. There’s a great deal of momentum gathering in the broader movements, coalitions, and communities you belong to, and they might require your exquisite attention as a milestone is reached or a corner is turned near the beginning of February. Balancing the collective’s needs with your own is the theme of the month. You might be too excited by all the ideas you’re buzzing with anyway. Jupiter is slowly approaching a sextile to Uranus, and this means you, especially, will feel pregnant with all kinds of shower epiphanies that might actually lead to something. Give your imagination plenty of breathing room to ping the live edges of your awareness.

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