Psychic and Mediumship Development Online and Interactive Class.

2020 ! The year of the pandemic start but also the year of awakening intuition and awareness. Do you have premonitions (like knowing who is calling or knowing when something is going to happen)? Do you have premonition dreams (dreams that come true)? Do you have activity in your home (lights going on and off, feeling a presence, etc ) after a loved one has crossed over into spirit? Do you dream of loved ones? This is all NORMAL !

Most frequently, we develop psychic abilities during childhood. We are born open-minded. These abilities are either passed down through close individuals (who, directly or indirectly, teach us this language) or are cultivated in response to environmental conditions.

As children, we notice more, see more, hear more, and feel more — these are basic survival instincts that enable us to safely move through the world. But as we mature, we are told to stop being so sensitive, that ghosts aren’t real, and that pain is always physical.

We suppress our gifts, sneer at “psychics,” and accept the physical realm as the full extent of reality. Let’s talk about the different ways to tune into psychic ability and get comfortable with who you really are !

This is a beginners class in Psychic and Mediumship Development. No experience needed, just the desire to learn and use this course for more self awareness in your own life and to understand WHY you know things before they happen. Beginners class is $15 and 7-9 pm every other Wednesday, online on Microsoft Teams so you don’t have to worry about leaving your house during the pandemic. Text or call me at 716 481 2799 to join.

This week we will be learning about Clairvoyance which is clear seeing or insight) and Clairaudience (intuitive feelings).

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