The End Of Mercury Retrograde February 2022 !!!

We’re finally picking up the pace, as the first Mercury retrograde of the year officially comes to an end today,  Feb. 3. For the past few weeks, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has been in retrograde. Our texts went haywire, emails haven’t been sent, and our exes popped back up out of the blue — and here’s a gentle reminder, they are your EX’s for a reason.  And all of the classic chaos to be expected of Mercury retrograde was afoot. But now, on February 3, Mercury will finally station direct, bringing all of this month’s pandemonium to an end.

Retrograde is a kind of transit that puts the planets in snooze mode. “Now that Mercury has stationed direct, it’s as if it is waking up again. “While it’s not in full on ‘go mode’ just yet, we can expect the frustrations to ease up. Take stock of what this retrograde taught you, especially around your business plannings, financial health, or the foundations you are laying for the year ahead.”

And don’t forget, for a part of this time Venus was retrograde also so if you finally gave the boot to an old friendship that was no longer serving you, congratulations. 

While Mercury will still be in its post-retrograde shadow period for a few weeks, the most intense portion of the retrograde cycle will be over — meaning we’ll enjoy clearer communication, more manageable schedules, and hopefully less tech stress as we embark on a new month.  As far as tech stress goes, as I mentioned in an earlier video on here, my Amazon firestick was just merrily buffering along !

 It’s a great time to start making good on your goals and execute the brilliant ideas that struck you during the backspin, or to smooth over any retrograde-induced drama that cropped up in your friend group. Mercury stationing direct also means that for the first time since April 2021, none of the major planets will be retrograding — so it’s a lucky time to capitalize on the forward-flowing energy and use it to progress on our goals. What do you want?  New job? New home? New business partner or new love relationship?   Focus on what’s ahead, pour your heart into new projects, and enjoy this retrograde-free period. For the next couple months, you’ll have to blame your mix-ups on something other than the planets.  YEAH…YOU ! 

This Mercury retrograde started out in Aquarius (ruling friends, groups, future wishes and goals) ,and moved into Capricorn (ruling career status, reputation, authorities and destiny) mid-transit, a move that is pretty uncommon, although not unheard of. This same mid-retrograde move will happen for the rest of the Mercury retrogrades of 2022. “Mercury will repeatedly change signs and elements, each time starting in an Air sign but turning into direct motion in an Earth sign,”. “This brings out a recurrent theme of taking the thoughts, ideas, and intentions brought to you by the Air signs and turning them into something real, solid, and substantial, which is what the Earth signs are focused on.” This is actually good news for us. This Mercury retrograde will be able to push us to make real change in our lives where we need it most. We were asked to have an open mind and a more go-with-the-flow attitude for the past couple of weeks, so continue on with that mindset to make the most out of the shifting tides.

Now there are going to be MORE Mercury retrogrades in 2022 so here’s how they will affect you.

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Effects:

Intense for air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini): Last year with the Mercury retrograde periods in your element of air, you received inner promptings to embrace your flexible and changeable nature. Since 2022 will be a bridge between air and earth years, you will experience an intense process of adapting the fluidity of your inner transmutations into practical forms and containers, adapting your personal boundaries as needed. Be ready for deeper layers of your identity to metamorphose, as Mercury delivers insights previously hidden from your awareness.

Challenging for water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Mercury shifting retrograde in each of the three air signs during 2022 will be challenging for you in terms of material that has been previously hidden from your awareness emerging into your consciousness for understanding. This process may feel uncomfortable at times but can ultimately revitalize relational patterns and ways in which you have felt stuck within your relationships. As Mercury will end its retrograde phase in each of the three earth signs during 2022, by the end of the process you will be able to cultivate more authentic boundaries and containers to express yourself through.

For fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The three periods of Mercury being retrograde in air and earth signs during 2022 can bring about significant changes within your work, aspirations, and community. Be willing to seek guidance and new perspectives from others when needed, letting yourself gather insight through relating rather than keeping everything to yourself. You will have opportunities to form new alliances with those who share your passions and values, gaining clarity for the collaborations most resonant with your purpose. With Mercury ending its retrograde phase in each of the three earth signs, you will also need to slow down and make time for needed rest and restoration to fully integrate the revelations you receive.

For earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Last year, with the Mercury retrograde periods in air signs, you were challenged to be more flexible and changeable. Since 2022 will be a bridge between air and earth elemental years for Mercury, you will be able to gain a better sense of the ways in which your own boundaries need to shift in alignment with the dismantling and innovations occurring within societal structures. Be open to ways in which old thought patterns need to change so you may discover new practices that will help you build the skills needed to help bring stability amidst the changes you will be experiencing.

Now Mercury won’t fully be moving at its normal speed until February 23, which means that we have some time to reassess and reflect upon what happened during the planet’s backwards dance. On a personal basis, I think I’ll retrieve my fire stick from wherever I threw it ! And since I don’t know where that is, it doesn’t say a lot for my vacuuming skills. Any, sit back, relax, and head into this fresh astrological period with your newfound clarity.  What did Mercury Retrograde teach you?

Come see me for a reading !  We can talk about where you’ve been in 2020 and 2021 and your goals (and healing) in 2022.  I’ll be reading at Painted Love, 145 Belmont, Tonawanda from 1-4 on Saturday February 5. Call or text me at 716 481 2799.  I do phone readings also.

Until we meet again:

Namaste’ and Good Hair Days!

Theressa Johnson, Psychic Medium

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