Spring Equinox Readings

See Theressa Johnson, Psychic Medium for a Reading @ Circle of Light, 40 East Main Street, Fredonia, NY. Saturday March 14, 12-4 PM. call 716-268-1301 to book your reading. Walk ins are welcome too.

We are in Pisces Season (now stop crying)! How does Pisces season affect us? Pisces is all about quiet reflection, exploring your emotions, and indulging in all things romantic and dreamy, so knowing how Pisces season 2022 affects you in a reading is a great way to tap into your intuition and align closer to your higher self.

A psychic reading may help to clarify some decisions or relationships in your life. Information from your past life may show up to help with the challenge of your present life relationships, decisions and friendships.

Sometime the cycle repeats until the lesson is learned. 2020 was a year of hard lessons, including a lot of personal loss but also a year of clarity and personal awakening. Let me help you with your decision making and /or contact with loved ones over on the other side.

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