Full Moon In Virgo: March 18, 2022

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Tonight: Learning to Read Karmically With Astrology. Full Moon in Virgo on March 18, how will it affect you?

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Full Moon In Virgo: March 18, 2022

Welcome to the final Full Moon of the astrological year.  The Virgo Full Moon on the 18th of March marks the culmination of an 18 month period of incubation. Right before we get to the Equinox (the start of the astrological year) on the 20th-21st of March, we have the Virgo Full Moon. This is a Full Moon that is calling for us to fill our own cups, to care for ourselves and to serve others from this place. On the opposing end, the Sun is in Pisces, giving this full moon a giant blast of power. The resonate energy of this full moon is one of clearing out what is not working in your life. And focusing on what does.

The full moon opposite Neptune offers up a mental haze blocking senses and creating emotional disturbances. All this does allow us to see what is holding us back, and what we need to work on. Important, not to make any rash decisions until this energy passes.

Some may find the full moon this month passive-aggressive and the energy a little hard to deal with.  But this in turn helps us react to the things which are not working in our lives. On a spiritual level were asked to focus our energy on what is positive and true. By doing this the negative becomes weaker in our lives.

The Full Worm Moon coming up this Friday signifies rebirth, new beginnings, and finding balance so you can step into your power and share your light with the world. It’s a powerful one!

  1. What can I offer to my family and friends to be of the highest service?
  2. Which areas of my life might benefit from creating order?
  3. How might I benefit from working hard in the next six months?
  4. How can I limit clutter in my physical space?
  5. What can I do to better support my mental clarity?
  6. How can I best support healthy emotional expression?

 If you can think back to the 17th of September 2020, there was something brewing around this time that is now being called to light. Full Moons are an opportunity for the universe to manifest, to birth and to bring into the physical realm that which we are ready to acknowledge. In the case of this Full Moon this is all about the way in which we serve ourselves and the world around us.  Hint: the world around us ! 

Time to manifest world wide healing from the Pandemic and also time to manifest healing for Ukraine. So even though there are some challenging aspects with this Full Moon, it’s a great excuse to celebrate. This is a time of acknowledging and releasing all that you have been through over the past 12 months. To take stock of all you’ve been through – who would have thought you’d live through a pandemic!!!!!!  You can take a moment to pat yourself on the back, and to find gratitude in your heart for all that you have done for you.


In astrology Virgo represents the Maiden that is in continual service to the world around her. She lives to maintain the wellbeing of all life. When she’s healed she comes from a place of selflessly serving others – which isn’t what you think it is. Selfless service involves the realization that there is only one of us here. That when you serve someone else, you are in fact serving yourself. Now that might sound easy, but requires a change in mindset.

Very often we push ourselves to be selfless and end up becoming martyrs (and totally burnt out). This Full Moon is encouraging you to see that selfless service is about intention. It requires you to give in a way where there is no expectation or attachment to the results of this giving. To give in a way where your cup is still full. So if you’re feeling depleted or exhausted, stop and take a moment to care for you before you move further. When you give you also share your energy. No one wants to receive when the energy they will be given is one of being depleted.

This Full Moon is calling for us to look after ourselves physically.

The Full Moon will be oppose Neptune + Jupiter in Pisces, which is can at first feel like a battle between the rational and intuitive mind. This is a Full Moon to listen to your body and it’s intelligence. It knows when it’s tired (even when the mind wants to keep going). It knows when you need to rest (even when the alarm might be telling you to get up). The fact is you cannot serve the world around you, while you are not serving yourself. This Full Moon is calling for you to bring into fruition new ways in which you care and love yourself. Think of the moments in your life when you feel full – that might be a massage, reading a book, time spent in the water etc – then start to plan how you want to incorporate more of that into your life (without it being a task). It is the ego that pushes you to be more, do more and ultimately end up empty – it is the soul that says ‘hey it’s ok if you need to rest I’ll make time for you to do that’.

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