What is the zodiac for spring equinox? Aries of course !

This year’s Spring Equinox occurs on March 20 at 11:33 AM Eastern Time. On this day, we’ll have equal hours of sunshine and moonlight, heralding the beginning of longer days. On the same day, the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and the astrological new year begins. The spring equinox, or vernal equinox, has been celebrated for centuries. Historically, the spring equinox has represented more than just the first day of spring or when the flowers begin to bloom. It has become a symbol for rebirth, fertility, and new beginnings. How does the Spring Equinox affect us?

So, the first day of the year always kicks off with the vernal equinox. It’s a celebration of new beginnings: wishing prosperity and welcoming the future while shedding away the past. That’s why families use this time to deep clean their homes and closets and buy fresh clothing. Equinoxes are a part of ‘The Wheel of the Year’, an annual cycle of eight events which all fall during seasonal shifts and energetically potent intervals. The festivals fall around the sun’s movement and celebrate its yearly cycle. During these times it is said that the veil between the spiritual and physical world becomes thinner. This results in us being able to connect and tune into the other side, and tap into the potency of spiritual practices such as Akashic Records, Reiki and Tarot readings.

In the Northern Hemisphere…

In the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox is called the Spring Equinox or Ostara Equinox. It means that there are earlier sunrises, later sunsets and nature starts to wake up from the winter. Spiritually the spring equinox symbolizes rebirth and fertility. It’s the time to plant the seeds and start consciously creating the intentions you set. You may start to find clarity in your life. This is a powerful time for growth as we transition from the dormant restful state of winter. You may feel like you have more internal energy and feel pulled to explore different options. With this clarity and new energy, this is the time to start creating abundance and manifest your desires.

Activities to connect with the Ostara Equinox:

Spring Cleaning: This is the time where we nourish ourselves and restore the balance in our physical and spiritual spaces. Spring cleaning is a physical practice that deeply affects our spiritual well-being. Cleaning, tidying up, and decluttering not only allows us to breathe, but it helps us to get clarity on what we devote energy to daily. We have the choice to maintain lots of things or fewer things. When we have lots of things in our lives, the physical clutter is a direct reflection of internal clutter that we may have.

Create clarity in your goals and intentions: in Spring we are slowly emerging out of the dormant vibes of winter before becoming energized with summer’s vibrant energy. Take the time to remind yourself of your goals and intentions you set at the start of the year. Are they still relevant now? What next steps can you take to work on achieving them?

The celestial energy is very potent during the equinox, as the sun and moon’s energy are in direct alignment. If you are looking for a spiritual ritual, create a circle with candles in every direction (north, east, south, and west) while meditating on what to create in your life.

Southern Hemisphere

In the Southern Hemisphere, the March equinox is called the Autumn Equinox or Mabon Equinox. This equinox is the opposite effect of the Northern Hemisphere; it creates for the day later sunrises, earlier sunsets and nature starts preparing to hibernate in the winter. This energy is asking us to pause before the darkness of winter (#winteriscoming). Mabon equinox is known as a time of rest after the intense energy of summer. It is the time to reap what we have sowed and to look at what we have manifested. It is the time to finalize projects and remove anything you no longer need, as we prepare for a peaceful and restorative winter.

Like the spring equinox, the veil between the physical and spiritual world will become thinner. Meditating is important during this time to allow you to connect to other planes. Mabon is also reminding us that our relationships with the earth and the universe are reciprocal. If we don’t give back to them, how can we expect them to give back to us? As we manifest our desires, how can we give back?

Activities to connect with the Mabon Equinox:

Celebrate with your friends and family: either in person or via Zoom, dress up in your favorite outfit that you love. Share what you are grateful for, how much you care for one another and connect with your favorite meal.

Gratitude journal: take stock of everything you have created during the warmer months. Studies suggest that writing in a gratitude journal three times per week might have a greater impact on our happiness than regular journaling every day. There’s no specific way to gratitude journal, but we suggest simply starting each day listing 5 things you feel grateful for. The goal of gratitude journaling is to remember an experience, person, or aspect of you like that is associated with good emotions.

Aries season always seems to bring out the fire in all of us (but that might be my Aries moon talking). The weather is turning warmer, and there’s a special electricity in the air as the new astrological year begins once again. This season, our drive and determination will skyrocket, and we’ll feel as though we can to do anything we set our minds to. Get creative, make a to-do list, ask for that promotion — things will be happening, so you’d better be prepared for them. Sure, we set resolutions (or not) in January. But to me, the start of Aries season on March 20 — the same day as the Spring Equinox — marks the year’s actual clean slate. “It’s the astrological new year, which means it’s time to make a fresh start in our lives.

For those of you thinking of looking for a new job….out with the old, in with the new so get moving !

Another reason the season of the Ram is such a big deal is that the sun is exalted (i.e. right at home) in Aries. “This means that there is a renewal of solar energy in all of us, regardless of our sun sign. For the next month, we get the chance to re-explore what it means for each one of us to be a Gemini, a Leo, or even a Capricorn sun.” It’s an exciting time, one that’s strongly oriented toward self-discovery.

While Pisces season put us more in tune with those around us, Aries season is all about being in tune with ourselves. When the sun moves from Pisces into Aries, we come back to what our own desires and needs are and how to go about meeting them. Aries is a strong, bold sign, and in true Aries fashion, this season is pushing us to be confident and to chase our goals. The sign of the Ram can be interpreted as competitive or carrying a me-first vibe — but that’s not always a bad thing. A little selfishness can come in handy when going after our dreams. So let things be all about you for once; put your needs, your desires, and your goals first. The charismatic aura of the Ram is behind you. “At its best, Aries energy is warm, fun, and characteristic of a true leader.

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