April 16th Full Moon In Libra

April 16th Full Moon In Libra 

The sun’s annual trip through Aries — the host of the beginning of a new season as well as a whole new astrological cycle — can’t help but present an opportunity to nurture your sense of self. After all, the cardinal fire sign is the ruler of the first house, which oversees identity, and is ruled by Mars, a planet that fuels energy and the ability to fulfill your personal desires.

April’s full moon rises in the realm of cardinal air sign Libra, which is associated with partnerships, social connections, and balance. This brings some much-needed diplomacy and perspective to the me-first energy of Aries season, making it easier to compromise and see things from other points of view. This lunation also peaks alongside a once-in-a-lifetime alignment between lucky Jupiter and spiritual Neptune in Pisces — which comprises part of the current Pisces stellium that’s dominating the skies — and this casts a mystical and sensitive haze over our full moon experience.

Thanks to this dreamy Piscean planetary pile-up, it seems the Pink Moon would have us floating on a bed of blush-colored roses. However, a sobering square-off between the sun, moon, and intensity-loving Pluto will bring some tension into the mix, too. The best way out is through our feelings: Honor your emotions under this full moon and trust that your intuition will lead you past your power struggles. Allow the harmony-seeking vibe of this Libran lunation to ground you in a place of balance and soften the edges of any extremes.

Full Moon square Pluto can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feelings are exposed. Emotional power struggles are possible and may become quite ruthless. Jealousy, manipulation, guilt-tripping, bullying, sexual abuse, or domestic violence may be involved.

Such intense emotions and reactions may become difficult to control and lead to a personal crisis. This aspect is also associated with spying and other invasions of privacy. Confronting family secrets may be revealed, or your own secrets or embarrassing habits may be exposed in public.

Although sometimes very painful, gaining awareness of destructive Pluto influences can be healing, with opportunities to transform and evolve. The Moon trine Mars and Saturn make this easier. It also makes this a good full moon to eliminate bigotry, racism, fears and phobias, addiction, sexual problems, and unhealthy relationships.

This full moon is an especially important time to find your footing, as it’s the last lunation to hit before eclipse season begins and inevitably shakes up our lives. Check out your April full moon horoscopes to find out how your zodiac sign will fare.

But as the season’s full moon rolls in, that hyperfocus on who you are and what you want is challenged by Aries’ opposite sign: Libra. Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, and ruling the seventh house of partnership, the cardinal air sign is all about creating harmony with another.

The full moon in Libra could make a heartfelt relationship wish come true.

Full moons — which happen when the confident sun exactly opposes the intuitive moon — always present a monthly opportunity to wrap up projects you started six months or even two weeks prior. They’re culmination points, breaking points, and a chance to release anything that’s no longer serving you. And with this month’s full moon falling in beauty-loving, conflict-abhorring, diplomatic Libra, you could be compelled to be more diplomatic, artistic, and peace-seeking. You may also be motivated to cross the finish line on a goal you share with a lover, friend, or colleague, given that Libra is the ruler of the seventh house of partnership. 

It bears noting that while Libra has a rep for being so cooperative and amiable, it’s also a driven cardinal sign. Including Libra as well as Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, the cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac. So the vibe of this full moon is dynamic and take-charge as well as balance-seeking. 

The strongest influence on the full moon April 2022 astrology is the challenging square to Pluto. This brings the potential for destructive, intense and extreme emotions, reactions and behaviors. This is not a good omen for the war in Ukraine as this aspect is associated with torture, rape, and genocide.

Thankfully, the full moon aligns with the two most fortunate fixed stars used in astrology. Although the orb of over two degrees means they only have a weak influence. Further positive but mild influences come from the full moon trine Mars and Saturn.

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