Psychic and Mediumship Development Class

Psychic and Mediumship Development Class Every Wednesday (7-9) pm on Microsoft Teams. Each class is $15.  Learn from the comfort of your home. The class is recorded and the documents can be downloaded. Message me on Facebook or text me at 716 481 2799 for the link to join class.

Lesson: Intuitive Tarot.  How many of you have a tarot deck and can’t read them because the cards have soooo many meanings to memorize?  Stop memorizing them and learn to read intuitively.

 My students have worked very hard and they continue to both work and learn.  Come learn with us and you might even get a reading !

Do you have premonitions (like knowing who is calling or knowing when something is going to happen)? Do you have premonition dreams (dreams that come true)? Do you have activity in your home (lights going on and off, feeling a presence, etc ) after a loved one has crossed over into spirit? Do you dream of loved ones? Take this class to find out where your strengths are and how to work with them.

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