May 2022 Mercury Retrograde Effects on the Zodiac Signs

Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini on 10 May 2022, causing chaos in the Third House and matters dealt with by this house such as communication, delay in transport, and travel. The communication gap will increase amongst people. Communication will be ambiguous. Also, people will misunderstand each other. Many people will date wrong partners, and later will get betrayed. Many Exes will resurface as well old friends will re-enter your life. Back up your data and devices, triple-confirm your plans, and keep your opinions off the socials. Mercury, the planet of technology, travel, and communication, will make its second of four retrogrades this year. Mercury retrograde periods scramble signals and distort information. Computers crash, cars break down, and humans simply don’t understand each other. We’ll need to take extra precautions with all of our messaging and plans—especially since this happens the same day Jupiter moves into hotheaded Aries. 

Effects on Aries

A few changes will occur in life but don’t worry, they will be minor. Spend time with yourself and take a vacation.

Effects on Taurus

Misunderstandings might arise in all spheres of your life. If you carefully avoid them, you would succeed in all spheres, especially your career.

Effects on Gemini

Be alert during the retrograde phase. Time will be good for vacation in the first two weeks of May. However, you might face delays, and plans will cancel during the rest of the retrograde. Dear Gemini, be patient!

Effects on Cancer

Cooperate with others to avoid any conflicts in personal and professional spheres. The rest shall run, smoothly.

Effects on Leo

Do not make rushed decisions, think before you leap. Dear Leo, stay calm, or else you will encounter misunderstandings in your relationships.

Effects on Virgo

The retrograde phase won’t affect you much. You have a lot many surprises in store for you, especially from family and career. Avoid unnecessarily sticking with your friends or partner, or else your relationship could suffer. Give them their space.

Effects on Libra

Libra, you will face some instability during the retrograde. Stay calm, and the rest shall flow nicely.

Effects on Scorpio

You will be busy for most of the retrograde, Scorpio. Do not indulge in drama and gossip around you.

Effects on Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you will face career-related issues, so hold your horses, and go slow. The rest will flow fine for you. Have fun!

Effects on Capricorn

You will feel anxious and irritable. Keep yourself under check, else your friendships and productivity will suffer, dear Capricorn. Exercise a lot!

Effects on Aquarius

Aquarius, your jealousy will be at its peak during this time. Keep it under check, and spend more time for yourself.

Effects on Pisces

Pisces, you will face hurdles from family and career. Run to your friends for a shoulder to cry. Your little gang will be your support system during this retrograde. Hang on, you will be fine!

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