Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini from May 10 to June 3.

In May 2022, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini. Then the retrograde transits to Taurus, and finally the direct station ends in Taurus in June 2022. The pre-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde, the second of its kind in year 2022 starts on April, 26 2022. The post shadow period ends on June 18 2022.

Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini on 10 May 2022, causing chaos in the Third House and matters dealt with by this house such as communication, delay in transport, and travel. The communication gap will increase amongst people. Communication will be ambiguous. Also, people will misunderstand each other. Many people will date wrong partners, and later will get betrayed. Many Exes will resurface as well old friends will re-enter your life. Back up your data and devices, triple-confirm your plans, and keep your opinions off the socials. Mercury, the planet of technology, travel, and communication, will make its second of four retrogrades this year. Mercury retrograde periods scramble signals and distort information. Computers crash, cars break down, and humans simply don’t understand each other. We’ll need to take extra precautions with all of our messaging and plans—especially since this happens the same day Jupiter moves into hotheaded Aries. 

Mercury in Gemini will be very intense as it is the ruler of the house of Gemini. It connotes diplomacy. However, during the retrograde, emotional turmoil will be high. People will be brutally honest, causing a lot of hurts. Gossiping will be at its peak, and too much drama will ensue. People will behave inquisitively, poking noses in matters of others. Many will be nostalgic, and visiting times from the past. There will be numerous or zero phone calls, and important mails will be misplaced.

During the retrograde dates, many trips will be rescheduled. Flights will be delayed, and many plans will be canceled. Due to this trains, ships, or airplanes might disappear or meet a tragedy! Internet will be slow, and technology gadgets won’t work efficiently.

What to do during the retrograde in Gemini?

•  Be patient.

•  Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner and avoid your Exes.

•  Maintain yourself spiritually. Pray more often.

•  Stay away from gossip mongers.

•  Follow your daily routine religiously, and avoid a lot of communication to avoid miscommunication.

The retrograde Mercury will transit to Taurus, and the retrograde period ends there on  June 3rd 2022. Taurus is a slow, stable earthy sign. Thus things around you would be slowed down. You will be lazy and clumsy. Mood swings will be at their peak. Moreover, the presence of Uranus in Taurus would mark an abrupt turn of events and happenings. Taurus rules the banking sector and hence there might be chaos in financial markets across the globe. Money matters will be slow and your judgment regarding financial matters will be shallow.

What to do during the retrograde in Taurus?

• Take your time to think things through before acting.

• Work on self-grooming.

• Do not overspend.

• Stay ready for sudden happenings.


Life might seemingly go a bit haywire during Mercury’s backward motion, so beat any fiascos to the punch, particularly those that are tech-related.  

Buy extra iCloud storage space, a USB drive or additional gigabytes. “Gotta start prepping to save all of your important work! Write down your passwords to easily get in and out of your logins.”

Speaking of work, you’ll want to make sure you’re not inviting in anything new during this time period that could throw you off-kilter.  

“Try to sign any pending contracts before this cosmic period begins, and make sure you give yourself extra time to get to work each morning, since running late is a big side effect of these vibes,” Watt suggests. 

However, what we most concern ourselves with during this time—and always—are matters of the heart. The thought of conflict with your partner can certainly weigh you down, but it doesn’t have to. 

“If you’re having issues within your personal or romantic relationships, try to talk things out before the retrograde begins, but if you find yourself in a conflict during this time, don’t leave your diplomacy at home. 

Sure, the thought of Mercury can feel uncomfortable, but given all that we can learn—and the other great 2022 astrology events coming down the pipeline—we’re not going to let the smallest planet in our solar system cause the biggest disruption. Nice try though, Mercury! 

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