Psychic and Mediumship Online Development Class: May 11 @ 7 PM. 

INTUITIVE TAROT READING LESSON.  Come get a reading tonight !

How many of you bought a Tarot deck and don’t know how to use it?  How many of you get discouraged trying to remember all the different meanings of the cards? Don’t read the book.  Come to this class and learn to read intuitively.  Each week we will be doing intuitive Tarot readings and not only will you learn to read, you will get read also.  Contact me with your name and DOB if you want to be read.

Please private message me on here or text me at 716 481 2799  to be included in the class .  Due to social distancing, this will be run online in a Microsoft Teams classroom. Also please include your email address. OF COURSE YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE EVERY CLASS! Take only the ones you want and opt out and back in at any time. Each class is $15.


Each class is $15, payable via Cash App, Venmo, Zelle or at

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