The Full Moon May 2022 And A Lunar Eclipse

It’s eclipse season guys, and the May Full Moon 2022 is bringing not only a Lunar Eclipse, but an enormous amount of Scorpio energy too.

On Monday, May 16, 2022, at 12:14 AM EST, the Moon and the Sun will align to initiate a total lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves perfectly in alignment between the Sun and Moon. Think of the Full Moon May 2022 like a supercharged, super-powered, super-emotional moon.

 Did you have any personal revelations or breakthroughs, undergo any shocking shifts or adjustments, or experience any dramatic exits or entrances in November 2021? This week’s attention-grabbing lunar eclipse could connect to events that came to light at the end of last year—and the decisive conclusions to them are likely to reveal themselves now. As we all know, eclipses in astrology can mean massive, sudden change, so how will you deal with it?

As this cosmic headline-making event takes place in the sign of Scorpio, it’s going to be, in a word, intense. Scorpio is a Water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Be prepared to dig deep as Fate may throw us some curve balls that require us to tap into our inner power reserves. 

Anybody who follows their Full Moon rituals and observes the lunar cycle already knows how charged, powerful, and emotional a regular one can be. Just look at the April Full Moon 2022, which came before the first Solar Eclipse of the year, that fell on the same day as April New Moon in Taurus and Venus conjunct Jupiter. 

As mentioned during last month’s solar eclipse—eclipses in astrology meant that Fate has taken control of our cosmic steering wheel. And while a Lunar eclipse is more likely to signal an ending as opposed to a beginning, remember that as eclipses are merely giving you a celestial nudge towards your destiny, albeit at an accelerated pace. Sometimes the surrender is necessary even if we don’t think we’re ready to let go.

That’s important to remember as Venus, the co-ruler of this moon makes a nurturing connection with the Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, and Mars contacts Neptune in compassionate Pisces. Saturn is squaring the Lunar Nodes of Fate during this eclipse—signaling that this is a celestial crossroads that we are walking across—and there may be a sense of not being able to turn back to the ways things were. 

We must move forward with what we now know to be true. We may be required to make difficult decisions. The signs of Scorpio and Taurus are calling on us to cast aside our fears, anxieties and doubts and trust ourselves to choose the simplest path forward. And the rulers of this eclipse, Venus and Mars, are here to remind us that there is help, healing, and a shared spirit of empathy available to us if we reach out to those who love us.

Reflection is necessary, and fire — whether we take this as the burning of intense emotion held within, or as the light of insight and consciousness. And here comes Scorpio’s promise of immortality: By facing down and surviving the unbearable, by plunging headfirst into sulfur and annihilation, we are remade anew, immortal and unkillable..”

The last total lunar eclipse in Scorpio went down on May 16, 2003, just days before Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired its series finale, which saw the femme superhero arming a new generation against misogyny and malice. This eclipse may not bring with it such calls to power; it will likely plunge us even further into a nightmare world of rude awakenings. But pass through Scorpio’s underworld, and you’ll find Pluto’s hoard: the treasures, wisdom, and weaponry for the next battle. Mantra: Embrace this defeat. Live to fight another day.

When this Moon is illuminated, everything spills out into the open. Pour as many GOOP baths as you like, but don’t count on too much constructive manifestation; eclipses reveal (especially when in the sign of ugly truths), and at best inspire confrontation and metamorphosis. Count on information to filter in, rather jaggedly, in the days immediately preceding and following the eclipse. You’re best suited to observe what dragon is unleashed from your family shadows, trauma history, relationships, or state. The time for fighting back comes soon after.

This eclipse goes down during a Mercury retrograde, which calls for review and reflection. It also arrives during Jupiter’s summer tour of Aries, when the spirit of fire, action, and battle can be put to productive use. Take the retrograde, which runs through June 2, to fully download the recent shocks to your system. And, when the summer begins outright, you can plan your attack.

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