New Moon May 30 In Gemini

We’re wrapping up the tumultuous astrology of May 2022 with a new moon on May 30. The May 2022 new moon is the first major moon since eclipse season, and it also launches us into the final lunar cycle of the spring — so it’s a time to center ourselves in our truth and start making sense of life’s recent surprises. While Mercury retrograde may still be mixing our signals, May’s new moon will bring some much-needed clarity as we prepare to enter a fresh month and wrap up a season.

New moons in astrology often relate to new beginnings, as these dark-skied lunar moments are considered the first phase of the monthly moon cycle. During a new moon, the sun and moon form a conjunction aspect in the zodiac, giving us a cosmic boost toward planting new seeds, setting personal intentions, or getting in touch with our intuition. The May 2022 new moon is rising in the quick-witted and sociable sign of Gemini, so its spiritual meaning corresponds with our ability to think through our feelings and form connections with the people around us — which is especially important given the upheaval we’ve felt throughout eclipse season and Mercury retrograde.

Multifaceted and open-minded, the May 2022 new moon in Gemini is all about creating connection, making space for curiosity, and finding clarity amidst the cosmic chaos. Gemini zodiac energy is communicative and logical, so when paired with this introspective new moon moment, it can help us mentally sort through our feelings and find ways to express our emotional breakthroughs to others. May has been defined by an intense overlap between a destabilizing eclipse season and a disorienting Mercury retrograde, but this new moon brings a clear and refreshing breeze of hope.

Speaking of logistical planet Mercury, it happens to be Gemini’s ruling planet, so it plays an important role in this new moon story, too. Thanks to the retrograde, we’re already on an internal journey that involves retracing our recent steps and rethinking our choices. However, during the new moon, Mercury will be squabbling with serious planet Saturn — which could bring up some difficult thoughts and force us to get real about the consequences of our decisions. Thankfully, positive connections to both ethereal planet Neptune and transformational planet Pluto ensures we can stand in our power and stay idealistic in the face of these challenges.

Additionally, this new moon launches us into the last lunar cycle of the spring season — and allows us to take our first breath after being plunged into the depths of the last month’s eclipses — so there’s an exciting feeling of change and an element of hope in the air. Gemini is one of the mutable signs, so its energy encourages us to accept shifts and embrace transitions. While dealing with unexpected twists in our path isn’t easy, the spiritual meaning of May’s new moon can put some wind back in our sails and excitement on the horizon, inspiring us to gather up our ideas and find inspiration in whatever life has recently brought us.

How To Work With May’s New Moon Energy

The last new and full moon were both eclipses, so they brought all sorts of sudden changes and shocking events to our lives. Because manifesting during eclipses is considered a no-go by most astrologers, the May 2022 new moon marks our first really auspicious opportunity to do moon magic since mid-April — and all zodiac signs should take advantage of it. Setting intentions with a mystical Gemini season ritual will allow you to harness the zodiacal energy and plant seeds for new endeavors. It’s also a great time to sit with the reflection-focused vibe of Mercury retrograde by doing a meditation ritual or working with some protective crystals.

Because of the social nature of Gemini’s airy energy, this new moon is also a beautiful time to connect with friends and express your emotions outwardly. Having a heart-to-heart with a few of your besties or jumping into a more social setting can be a fun way to let off some steam and gain some valuable perspective on all the new moon ideas swirling through your head. If you’re feeling more introspective, try writing out your emotions in a journal and giving yourself the freedom to form your thoughts into words. This can help to ease stress, reflect on where we’re at, and help us process the changes that took place during eclipse season.

Don’t forget to fill out your law of abundance check during the new moon. 

You are supposed to make out your check within 24 hours of the first New Moon. 

The Law of Abundance is a way to create that which you most desire. You can write the check to improve finances, a relationship, increase your health, bring in positive energy, whatever you desire. It’s basically a blank check from the Universe.  When you finish filling it out, tuck it away somewhere…in your wallet, your purse…then forget about it. Here’s a picture so you know how to fill out your check! 

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