Welcome to Cancer Season (June 21 – July 22). I’m a bit late, I’ve been REALLY busy!

 Cancer season is here, so if you’ve been in your feelings more than usual, you can blame it on the cosmos. Ummm….can anyone say Roe v Wade????? This is playing havoc with every zodiac sign’s emotions!!!

With the summer solstice now in the rear view, the summer festivities can officially begin — and by summer festivities, I mostly mean catering to your emotions, spending time with people who make you feel safe, and trusting your gut instincts. Cancer season horoscope is all about putting your needs first, and while it may ruffle some feathers, it’s important that you know how you feel before you can make any major moves or decisions. Allow your emotions this week to serve as your compass; if something doesn’t feel right, it’s OK to wait it out until things feel safe. Don’t allow anyone else’s sense of urgency to push you into making any decisions you’re not completely comfortable with, especially as the astrology of the second half of the week looms overhead.

To start things off, the new moon in Cancer on June 28 will bring new beginnings pertaining to what brings you comfort, emotional security, and protection. What you embark on now will be fueled by your deep instinctive needs. What do you need in order to feel “at home”? Since the moon’s strongly supported in this sign, it’s a great time to set intentions around a desire to feel nurtured and supported. Since this moon will square Jupiter in Aries, it will likely be a period where you’re more prone to extremes and impulsive decision making, so be mindful of overindulging now. While your wants and desires may seem incredibly urgent, use this moon to tap into the root cause of your needs now. You may realize that some of the things you want aren’t actually a necessity. Less may actually be more.

On July 1, Mars in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn, bringing tensions around action and assertion to the surface. This may be a time where the need for power and control is emphasized and since Mars is strongly dignified in Aries, there will be a strong desire to win, no matter what it takes. You may find yourself going up against people or systems of power today, but be mindful of making any extreme or impulsive decisions before thinking them through. Since Aries is a cardinal fire sign, it tends to be pretty impatient, so be sure that before you get in the ring, the battle is actually worth having. The decisions you make now are certain to make waves, so be sure to choose wisely.

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