The Buck Moon reaches fullness on July 13, 2022 at 21 degrees of Capricorn. View it at 2:38 p.m. ET. Get ready to feel the momentum building, propelling you to your next great professional heights. It’s time to get down to business and focus on our next great career goals! Harness this energy by mapping out a strategy for the coming months and the rest of the year when it comes to your most important ambitions! Focus, concentrate and know what you are after—and seize the day to show the world why you’re worthy of success.

The Buck Moon was originally named as such because the antlers of male deer, known as bucks, are in full-growth mode during these periods of time. The Buck Moon this year is also a full moon in Capricorn. This Earth sign’s energy will be infused into our lives. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign on the wheel and is the polarity of Cancer.

This means that both zodiac signs hold ties to the legacies we build, as well as come from. Cancer is tied to our domestic lives, heritage, ancestors, past and the home, whereas Capricorn is linked to professional success, career matters, public recognition and the legacies we will build toward. They can also be seen as the duality between private and public life.


Reach to your greatest ambitions, Aries. As the Supermoon stands at the crown of your sky, you could see a major professional breakthrough appear before you. This could be a promotion, lucrative job offer, new client or even an award. Use this energy to stand in your power and show the world what makes you memorable.


Open your wings and soar, Taurus. The Supermoon is pushing you to open your mind and spirit to new horizons. You could literally or figuratively be ready to stampede into new territory, leaving your comfort zone behind. A few possible shifts could be laid at your feet: a culmination to a long-distance travelling plan, overseas relationship or international business endeavor, or even a sudden decision to relocate or immigrate. If you are involved in academics or seek to, the Supermoon may provide you the impetus to see progress. Last, you work in the media or publishing industries, you could see a breakthrough now.


Where you stand in your partnerships and how you share will be up for discussion at this time, Gemini. You libido could be soaring through the roof, bringing you the urge to merge. However, if things are a bit rocky with you and a significant other, expect that it’s time to hash it out—and if neither of you are happy, you may separate and go your own ways. This Supermoon could also cause a shift around big financial matters, especially in regards to investments, assets, bonuses, royalty checks, venture capital or even a scholarship.


The Supermoon is encouraging you to truly assess your relationships and partnerships, Cancer. On one hand, this could be a time of euphoric union for you and another party, as you commit or make long-term promises. A sudden engagement or decision to move in could be at hand. However, if you’re on rocky territory, you could decide it’s time to scuttle on your way. Singles should look for someone who carries LTR-potential.


Take a breather before you hit the grindstone once again, Leo, because the Supermoon is going to make you immensely busy! You could be putting the finishing touches on a major project for your employer or even making a transition from one job to the next. However, the important thing to consider is your work-life balance and if you’re making time for the many different aspects that make you happy. Also, a health matter could pop up or culminate now, so find a way to bring health, fitness or a new diet into your repertoire.


Prepare to see your heart bloom, Virgo. As the Supermoon sings out to you, you could feel that pleasure, passion, romance and fun are a top priority! This is the most important lunation of the year for singles to put themselves out there—they could find someone quite special—perhaps even a soulmate! If you’ve been casually dating, you may even sense that you’re falling truly in love. Last, if you’re committed, this could help you to reignite your spark, spend time with your kids or even bring news of a pregnancy!


A shift will arrive in regards to your domestic life, Libra. This could bring a decision to move, renovate or relocate altogether! Some Libras will see a transition between roommates even. Last, if something pops up in regards to your family or parents, be sure to swoop in and handle it as soon as you can.


Get ready for your mind to be expanding in brilliant ways, Scorpio! As the Supermoon arrives, you could be focused on an important writing, speaking or communications-related endeavor. Short-distance travel could also appeal to you now. Last, a meaningful contract could now appear across your desk. Read the fine print. The full moon in Capricorn will bring intense, emotional feelings.


Financial shifts are likely to appear now, Sagittarius. As the Supermoon highlights your money, you could be assessing your income and expenses significantly. If a major expense pops up, do some budgeting to figure out how to handle it. However, this lunation could just as easily bring a raise, new client or even job offer out of thin air.


The most important lunation of the year is here for you, Capricorn! As the Supermoon falls in your zodiac sign, you’re likely to see the culmination of a dearly held personal goal, hope, aspiration or dream now presented to you on a silver platter. This same period could put a spotlight on where you stand in your power—and in a significant relationship.


It’s time to lie low, chillax and dream, Aquarius. The Supermoon will be especially intense for you, possibly making you feel a bit burnt out. Rest and recharge. If a secret or situation from your past pops up, face it. Listen to your intuition now.


Get ready to celebrate life, Pisces! As the Supermoon arrives, you’re likely circulating amongst many friends and acquaintances. You could now attend a dazzling party or mixer, so get ready to meet new people and expand your network. A pal could even step in now to help you reach a lifelong aspiration.

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