What is the Lion’s Gate Portal 2022 

Lion’s Gate Portal is an event that gives people chance to fulfill their dreams. Every year on August 8, an astrological event called the Lion’s Gate Portal “opens” in the sky. The celestial occurrence has started gaining traction in recent years, but according to astrologers, it is centuries old. The portal widens its jaws from July 28th – August 12th but its powers are thought to peak on the 8th. What are the origins of the Lion’s Gate and how can you maximize its potential?

Every year on August 8, an astrological event called the Lion’s Gate Portal “opens” in the sky. The celestial occurrence has started gaining traction in recent years, but according to astrologers, it is centuries old. Astrologers consider this as an opportune day for manifestation, to concentrate on whatever you want to achieve in life. The portal remains open from July 28 to August 12, but its powers are believed to be at peak on August 8, and that is the reason it is trending on the internet.

The cosmic event is observed during a period when certain planetary alignments happen in the sky, according to astrologers. The name is based on the annual phenomenon that involves the Sun being in Leo (symbol of lion), and the Earth, Orion’s belt and the star Sirius are lined up.

Within astrology, Sirius is said to have the expansive qualities of the planet Jupiter and the drive to get those things done of the planet Mars, thereby creating a good opportunity for manifestation today.

In ancient Egypt, Sirius was considered personification of agricultural goddess Sopdet. The people at that time associated the star’s heliacal rising with the annual flooding of the Nile River and the onset of a new year.

The significance of the day

Astrologers say that the Lion’s Gate Portal gives a boost to people’s aspirations, allows them to manifest new ideas and aspirations, and enhances their spiritual energy.

Numerologists too consider the day auspicious – number 8 means wealth, luck and good vibes. And when it is turned sideways, the number represents the symbol of infinity.

Leo lessons

Aptly, Sirius rises while heart forward Leo, the sign of confidence and expression, rules the skies. Leo has an eye rolling reputation for being extra, for taking up space and asking for more, an undue condemnation that is more of a reflection of their detractors, those that can’t stand to see themselves. Leo energy offers perennial lessons in self-love; Leos believes that they are entitled to pleasure and deserving of desire and ask for what they want without shame, humility or hesitation. Leo doesn’t accept scraps or second best and neither should we.

In a world that demands we be small, scared and starved of fulfillment, Leo tells us to be brave to be free and to be full. 

In the words of author and activist Audre Lorde  “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” So the Lion’s Gate gives us permission to want and Leo remind us that we are worthy of worship.

Significance of the number 8

In Numerology, the number 8 is symbolic of abundance and achievement and also of karmic debts. A power number, eight is the union of the material and the spiritual, represented by the interlocking circles within the numeral itself. Predictably, the double dose of 8/8, the eighth day of the eighth month, offers the opportunity for spirit to make the intangible, tangible and our intentions our actualities.

In astrology, the eighth house is associated with sex, death and regeneration, serious and seriously scorpionic business. The eighth house speaks to the cyclical nature of life and loss and also to the unending; the number eight being an upturned infinity symbol. Consequently for the ancients and in keeping with themes of death and rebirth, the Sirius star disappears for seventy days every year and it takes approximately seventy days to complete the process of mummification.

In the tarot, the eighth card is Strength which corresponds to the sign of Leo and features a woman, crowned with the symbol for infinity, calmly keeping company with a lion. In this sense the number eight relates to the channeling of animal instincts into focused power, the feral becomes regal, strength begets subtly and wildness wisdom. The overturned eight stands as a symbol of infinite potential that breathes in, through and around all of us.

As the ancient Egyptians did, we can think of the Lion’s Gate as the beginning of a new year and likewise offer our reflections on the past and resolutions for the future. It’s a time for breaking free of form and cutting loose the patterns that prevent our becoming. Leo is associated with the children, creativity and play, and the Lion’s Gate offers the opportunity to revisit our own inner child and to ask for insights on how to carry and care for, who we once were and who we might yet be.

To make the most of the moment, begin the day with a meditative practice, clearing your mind will allow for messages to be heard and desire to be defined. Keep in mind, to get what you want, you must first speak it. To heal, you must first point to what has harmed you. Likewise, the Lion’s Gate requires us to ask and acknowledge out loud. 

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