Mercury Retrograde 9/10/22.

Mercury retrograde is almost here! On September 10th, 2022, Mercury goes retrograde at 8° Libra. Mercury retrograde in Libra will ask us to revisit some decisions, do a bit more research (mid-retrograde Mercury will move back into Virgo), and then eventually make up our mind. Mercury will turn direct on October 3rd, at 24° Virgo. If you have planets or angles between 24° Virgo and 8° Libra you will be especially influenced by this Mercury retrograde.

Just as a refresher, Mercury is the planet of communication, information, logic, and transportation. When it goes retrograde, it’s not actually moving backwards, but it does appear to be from our perspective on Earth—and subsequently, Mercury-related themes can get turned on their heads. Things like communication mishaps, technological errors, and travel delays are to be expected, and that includes during the multi-week shadow period before and after each Mercury retrograde, as well. Mercury retrograde is probably the most infamous astrological event, one that has turned many skeptics into not-so-skeptics. Mercury retrograde loves to throw things off. It likes to get under our skin, fray our nerves, and give us extra gray hairs.

But of course, it doesn’t have to! While Libra focuses on one-on-one relationships, karmic balance, and the beauty we can find in the small moments, Virgo rules over the sectors of daily life, processes, habits, and rituals. Apply the crossed-wires energy of Mercury retrograde to these areas of life, and it’s likely we can expect some relationship misunderstandings, along with some confusion around mundane details or practicalities. You may find it more difficult to articulate your point, speak your mind, or make a decision.

The Libra-esque disruptions will dominate the first half of the retrograde, from September 9 to 22, while the Virgoan upheaval will feel more present starting September 23 through October 1. You may also get an out-of-the-blue text from an ex, because ’tis the season for relationship drama. Libra themes may be at the forefront: It’s about our friends, social issues in general, communication, equity, etc. And then, when it moves into Virgo, Virgo themes like health, service, and organization may be more prevalent. Libra is all about balance and justice. So during this retrograde, get clear on relationship dynamics and how you’re showing up to others, as well as your relationship to justice, truth, and your own values.

On top of that, retrograde periods are a time to reflect and go inward, and this one is no exception. It can be helpful to think about what this period of adjustment can mean for you as we all transition to a new season. “How can we use this period of adjustment to transition, to get our priorities right, to get our values right, to make sure we’re doing the best we can? Because on a macro level, we’re flailing, but on a micro level, we can still be activating meaning.

This will look personal to everyone,  but ultimately, the call-to-action is to, in fact, not worry so much about action, and take time to consciously reflect and regroup.

When the second half of the retrograde rolls around, mishaps could arise in a more literal or practical way. Timing issues, data and written errors, and travel delays are likely given Virgo rules over all things detail-oriented and pragmatic. It’s essential to build more time into your schedule to edit work, read fine print, and travel to new destinations.

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