How the zodiac signs will be affected by the September 25, 2022 new moon

Your Sun in Libra horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and Sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates for you. Take what works and leave the rest.

Aries: This new moon is happening in your opposite sign, Aries, and you’ll want to make sure you’re open to new beginnings with others.  It’s a good time to find balance because something wants to emerge in the space of partnerships. 

Taurus: When it comes to Taurus, now is the time to focus on connections with co-workers and reestablishing healthy habits like diets and exercise routines.

Gemini: This is an enjoyable lunar phase for you, Gemini, as it’s all about relationships and hobbies.  How can you build that energy of fun, romance and play and in connection with maybe a romantic partner or a friend.

Cancers: During this time, Cancers will want to figure out how to better manage their careers and home lives. It’s necessary to find a balance. 

Leo:  Communication is key for Leos during this new moon.  It’s important to use this energy to open up to a new way of connecting to others, or expand your network and skills.

Virgo: For Virgo, it’s all about a boost of confidence and getting money manners situated. Perhaps there is room for growth financially? Once you  connect with that feeling of worthiness and value,  perhaps you’ll be one step closer!

Libra:  It’s kind of a new energy of how you show up for yourself and relationships.  This is a reminder to rebalance how much you give.

Scorpio: It’s time to decompress and take things easy, Scorpio.  This is a new moon to really start focusing on your mental health and bring your mind and subconscious thoughts to ease. 

Sagittarius: Make the most out of this new moon, Sagittarius! It’ll be a fun one, as it’s all about making plans for the future. Perhaps now is the time to talk travel with your partner or friends?!

Capricorn: Get in a professional mindset, Capricorn. This new moon will ask you to not only focus on your work relationships, but your career goals as well. 

Aquarius: Don’t get too caught up in what other people have to say, Aquarius. Now might be a good time to get in touch with a spiritual adviser or a mentor so that you can reconnect to what’s most important—yourself!

Pisces: Things might feel a little serious, but it’s all for your betterment, Pisces. You can expect to focus on your connections, career and personal life during this time.  This is a new moon where you might want to inquire and investigate what is the truth in your partnership situation and where your hidden trauma might be showing up

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