The September 25 2022 new moon focuses on balance and partnerships

 Pairing up with new connections is possible, especially if singles are waiting for their true love or if professionals are waiting for their big break. Existing partnerships may be able to level up in their arrangement, such as entertaining some sort of contract. Regardless, the reciprocal lunation encourages us to be fair so that we can entertain truly equal commitments.

This New Moon brings open, expansive, and gentle energy, reminding us to focus on finding our balance. The cosmic music that flows from this New Moon is sweet, harmonious, and aligned to help us vibrate with our true and highest Self. Under the dark night of the New Moon, ask yourself, how and where is my energy best used? Where can I be of greatest service? Your energy is a precious resource, and even though life sometimes brings situations we must attend to, we always have a choice (even if it’s just a small choice) in how we approach those situations and how much those situations are going to deplete or energize us.

The New Moon in Libra initiates fresh ways to balance the scales in your life. Whether that means advocating for equal pay at your job or finding the exact throw pillows to tie your living room together, this moon plants seeds for the adjustments you’re ready to make. Those intentions will have an opportunity to transform into full-force manifestations during the Full Moon in Aries on October 9th. So prepare for your pitches, redecorating projects, and dates to ignite into action. 

A core lesson of Libra is that true harmony and intimacy require a sense of independence. Without a strong connection to the compass of our inner desires, we can get trapped in draining relationships, so-so jobs, or drab decor. With an eye toward wholeness, Libra shows us how we can be deft champions for ourselves as well as for others. (All in cute shoes.)

If this New Moon could talk, it would encourage us to simplify our lives. It would say- Try to see the lightness in any burdens that are weighing on you, try to laugh at yourself, or at the situation if you can. Forgive yourself, release yourself from anything that feels heavy on your shoulders. Simplify your thinking and thought processes. Allow lightness to radiate through your being and into whatever feels complicated in your life.

Towards the tail end of the month, we’ll want to get our best manifesting mindset ready to go. Thanks to Libra’s influence, we’ll want to take a look at the way in which we interact with those around us and how to make those connections equal. October 2022 is a big month! It begins with six major planets in retrograde including – Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. As the we journey through the month however, Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn will all station direct, minimizing the flow of retrograde energy and kickstarting a new cycle of planetary energy.  There is a focus on getting practical with understanding what you can do to bring more balance, harmony and fairness to how you experience the significant people in your life. 

Even though the Planet of Communication is in retrograde during this event, rest assured that the celestial vibes are positive. (Mercury retrograde effects aren’t so bad, but that’s a story for another day.)

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