Full Moon In Aries Horoscopes

October 2022’s Full Hunter’s Moon In Aries Wants You To Reassess
The Balance In Your Relationships

This month’s full moon falls on Oct. 9, 2022 at 4:54 p.m. ET.

This full moon might seem particularly magical because it reaches peak illumination near the sunset. The moon will appear to pick up the sunset’s hues, tinged with red and orange. While the harvest moon was last month (the nickname is given to the full moon that falls closer to the fall equinox), October’s will seem more autumnal.

October’s full moon is nicknamed the Hunter’s Moon. Each of the year’s full moons has a nickname, usually derived from indigenous folklore. The Hunter’s Moon gets its nickname from hunters stocking up for the winter by stalking their prey under moonlight. Another nickname, the Sanguine Moon, also is related to hunting. It’s also been called the Dying Grass Moon and the Travel Moon.

Astrologically, this is a moment of taking charge of our innate desires and passions. Romantic Venus, action planet Mars, and commitment oriented Saturn (who’s currently retrograde) all aspect the full moon in Aries.

How October’s full moon in Aries will impact your zodiac sign


It’s time to make your own rules and adhere to them, no matter what anyone says. After all, you’re the one calling the shots and in control of your own destiny. How will you choose to live your best life? Do what feels right for you in order to be happy.


Use this full moon as a moment of reflection. Give yourself time to heal and make amends from the past. More importantly, take steps towards forgiveness: Not just with others, but with yourself. Releasing old trauma will be cathartic. Be gentle with yourself and don’t rush the process towards growth. 


Acknowledge your personal goals and hopes. Don’t hide them away any longer. Allowing yourself to embrace all of your personal aspirations will give you the opportunity and strength to flourish. Nothing can hold you back from achieving greatness. As long as you believe in yourself you’ll succeed. You got this!


All work and no play can lead to burnout. Put your laptop away and turn off your cell phone during this Full Moon and have fun. Stop stressing about work and go out with your friends, family, or partner for brunch, followed by a long walk amongst the autumnal foliage. 


Open yourself to new possibilities. Instead of hiding behind your stubborn mindset, lean into different philosophies and ways of thinking. Understanding the world around you is an amazing way to evolve, not only as a person, but spiritually as well. You will find yourself transforming at exponential speed and vigor.


You’re feeling vigilant and wanting to protect your loved ones. Making sure everyone is safe and protected may seem like an obligation for others, but not for you. You thrive in caring for others and will do anything in your power to give your all to make sure they remain happy.


Surface level connections aren’t cutting it for you at this time. You’re wanting to get deep with others and forge bonds that will last a lifetime. This also means that you’re creating space for true friends and letting go of relationships that aren’t proving to have longevity or standing the test of time.


Any subconscious issues you have not dealt with will come to a head. They’ll be on your mind during the full moon. Rely on your intuition for guiding your next move. Your mind is likely to go into overdrive.


There is a sense of excitement in the air right now. You’ll have innovative ideas for adventure and will socialize easily with others, perhaps even meet new people today. Still you should check your intuition before saying anything just in case that impulsivity takes too much of a hold.


Spending time with family will help alleviate any stress you might have in those relationships. You’ll express warm and tender feelings for the people around you. The Full Moon will enhance the connection with your brood and bring you closer together, as long as you commit to making those relationships work.


There is a lot of chatter happening around you, which is why it’s important to protect your own energy. Before getting caught up in the outside noise, try a few grounding exercises to keep yourself centered and focused. Also, you can take a restorative bath to decompress from your stresses.


It’s important to stick to a budget if you find yourself reaching for your credit cards for an unexpected expense. Remember that sales are your friend when shopping. Don’t make impulsive and lavish purchases that you may regret right now. If you must, then keep the receipts for later — just in case you change your mind.

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