Full Moon In Aries: October 9, 2022.

Aries as the first sign of the Zodiac, is calling you to dive head first in to a new cycle in your life. This is related to how you understand your identity, your direction and even the place you find your motivation from in life.

This Full Moon relates back to the New Moon on the 31st March – 1st of April this year. These past 6 months have been an incubation period for you to reflect and rebuild before you enter through the threshold of a new cycle with this Full Moon. This is an energy that is calling for you to listen to your body, and the way it wants to move you. The body in conscious in a way that exists outside of the rational mind. It holds within it a truth that gets louder and louder the more we allow ourselves to feel grounded and embodied in this life. The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and is opposite Venus. This is an emotionally charged Full Moon that will expose our deepest wounds. Venus, in domicile in Libra, is there to support us in the healing process.

Aries is the sign of “I am”. Chiron is where we feel wounded and inadequate. The Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron will stir our identity wound: those feelings of shame, inadequacy, that we are not enough, that we are invisible, that our existence doesn’t matter. Aries energy is our instinct to take action based on what feels right in the present moment.

There is wisdom behind Aries’ instinct. The Aries energy is so alive, it is so rooted in the present moment, that it immediately grasps the inevitability of a situation. And from that place of full engagement and aliveness, taking action is a natural next step. In our Pluto in Capricorn society, where every gesture, every look, every word is scrutinized, acting upon our Aries drives and impulses is oftentimes judged and criticized. People are being canceled right, left and center.

When you are criticized or judged for simply being who you are, remember that your instincts, feelings, and actions are 100% legitimate. There is nothing wrong with you. There is truth in every little thing that you are, say and do. And when you judge and criticize others, reflect on how, indirectly, you’re denying yourself the right to ‘be’.

At the Full Moon in Aries, ask yourself: how are you being judged? And then go even deeper, and ask yourself, how are you judging others? Judgment is a symptom of an unhealed identity wound. We judge ourselves and others when we don’t feel loved and accepted. As Venus, the planet of love, shines a light upon the Full Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, we are offered a unique opportunity to heal our identity wound.

We can do years of therapy and go around in circles, OR we can make a decision to love ourselves enough, and move on with our lives. Under the loving beam of the Full Moon, deep wounds can heal overnight. In the process of facing your wounds with Aries courage and honesty, you may come to the conclusion that there are some wounds that won’t heal. And that’s ok too. The core lesson of this Full Moon and this wounding you’re being called to look at is to see where your motivation is coming from. Very often we try to ignore this sense of not being good enough (which is a symptom of this wounding) by becoming obsessed with achievement. Striving to fill this god-sized hole with a promotion, designer clothes, sex, relationships, medals, compliments, acceptance by others etc. Things that we hope will finally prove to us that we are whole. Yet the irony is that none of these panaceas will suffice for long. It’s like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. It gives us momentary satisfaction and then we immediately start to feel the pain again.


The key to working with this energy is to move from the intelligence of your body. From a place of soul, not of mind. Mind is the one that holds the abandonment wound, whilst the body knows this is an illusion of the ego. The wounding allows separation to exit, and therefore the ego to stay in tact. This Full Moon is calling for a new cycle to start where you acknowledge the mind, but move from the body. Creating a new direction in your life that is driven by something bigger than you – not by the yearning for reward or temporary satisfaction. This Full Moon has the potential to take you deeper into yourself, and bring within it a new journey in how you show up in life…and life shows up within you.

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