The Spiritual Meaning of the Oct. 25 New Moon and Eclipse in Scorpio

October’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Is No Ordinary New Moon. October’s transformative new moon in Scorpio focuses on new beginnings,

The new moon on October 25 will focus on the topics of relationships, trust, vulnerability and intimacy.  This moon phase in Scorpio is activating the south node (The lunar nodes in astrology reveal your karmic path in this lifetime. The south node reveals your past lives and the gifts you’ve brought in. The north node shows the new direction you’re learning in this lifetime. We should also expect some type of purge in order to better prepare ourselves for a new beginning.   The best survival tip for this new moon solar eclipse is to allow your life to change as it will. Holding on to unhealthy patterns, behaviors or situations may only make the eclipse more difficult. Change can be liberating.

Around Oct. 23 and Nov. 21, the sun moves into Scorpio territory. Passionate and intuitive, Scorpio is associated with all things taboo. It’s ruled by the eighth house of rebirth and transformation and enigmatic Pluto, which explains why Scorpio is so guarded (look at those pincers). As a water sign, Scorpio is a great reminder of our emotional sensitivities, emphasizing all of our pent-up feelings each time the moon enters its domain. A solar eclipse is when the new moon orbits between the sun and the Earth, which makes it seem invisible from our viewpoint. A solar eclipse drives the collective to yearn for more than what we already have.  The effect is like a spiritual power outage.  A solar eclipse either makes you feel wildly off-center or your mind becomes crystal clear.  And that really depends on your sign and the planetary transits at play.

Unlike the typical new-moon vibe, which offers a fresh start perfect for setting intentions, a solar eclipse bestows curveballs — the type of energy you don’t want to work with when it comes to manifestation. While you want to steer clear from charging crystals and manifesting, this particular eclipse prompts a good time to assess your needs romantically.

Last month’s moon focused on balance and harmony, but now we can expect changes and new beginnings, especially thanks to the coinciding solar eclipse.  The eclipse is like steroids for the new moon.  Because it falls in the sign of Scorpio, the energy of deep and provoking change is an undercurrent which is picking up momentum and finally dismantling so that we can recognize our emotional strength and resilience to face life’s challenges.

Though it may force us to dig deep, and perhaps face things we’ve hidden, this October astrology event—much like the October 2022 full moon—is not one to fear, but welcome. Why hold onto old ways that are no longer serving you?


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