TAROT CARD OF THE WEEK: Our card for this week is the Four of Pentacles Reversed.

What’s most important to you?

The Reversed Four of Pentacles can show up when you are evaluating what’s important to you, especially in money and wealth. You may have placed too much value on material possessions and are realizing that money and ‘things’ won’t make you happy. 

Loosen your grip on the need to surround yourself with ‘things’, and seek out more love and happiness in your life. You might feel compelled to de-clutter your home or opt for a minimalist lifestyle. Money is no longer your number one priority, and you are redefining your relationship with material possessions and money.

This might also signify that money is slipping through your fingers, and your spending habits exceed your savings. You may be spending unconsciously, hoping it will bring happiness, but all it does is bring you more stress and anxiety as your bank balance declines. Check in with yourself and your spending habits. Find some balance here.

Ask your Tarot cards: What am I clinging to, and how might I loosen my grip?

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