Sagittarius New Moon Horoscopes November 23, 2022


You’ve been working in overdrive, Aries, but now this lunation is asking you to take a breather and enjoy what’s in front of you. You have been so laser-focused on the two steps in front of you that it is coming at the cost of being present and living in the now. Take this restful energy and un-burden yourself a bit. Slow things down and reap the rewards later.


You’re in celebratory mode, Taurus, and understandably so.  There is no doubt you have made progress, even if it has been hard fought for. This is a huge achievement, and pat yourself on the back for a well-done job. Celebrate yourself, but also celebrate yourself with others. Allow this to fill you with confidence in yourself moving forward.


You’re in the middle of an important transformation, but before you reach the final chapter, you may be forced to part ways with things that are no longer serving you. The new moon is a perfect chance for reflection. Focus on what it is you have achieved this year and what it is you wish to let go of before your next leg of the journey. Look back, but don’t stare! You are only here for a moment before you continue to climb, so really enjoy a moment of nourishment and replenishment.


You will have crystal clear clarity for a few days on either side of the new moon, but even so, do not make any hasty decisions or rush into anything.  Take your time and trust the process, Cancer. There’s no need to rush into anything you’re not ready for.  Abundance is coming, but for now, take things slow and be calculated in your decision-making, he adds.


Now’s the time to start making moves, Leo, and we know you’re certainly capable. You still have several weeks of the year left, and there is so much you can achieve in that time. Also, think ahead and contemplate what you wish to achieve in the long term. If you do the heavy lifting now, you’ll be grateful in the end. Whatever you put out right now will surely return to you in time. Remember, you are capable of great things, do not be scared of your dreams! 


Remember, you are the center of your own Universe, and the world revolves around you. Use the new moon to make a pact with the universe: you will nourish your soul and make yourself a priority moving forward, and in return, you will receive unlimited abundance. Yes, we assure you that it’s more than OK to put your needs first—we promise!


It’s going to be time to let go, Libra, and it’s hard—but it’s ok. Not only is it OK, it’s necessary. Take some time to feel its loss and then put it to bed. This will ensure it is not holding you back as you move forward, which is essential because many big opportunities are heading your way.


The new moon is bringing you much more positive energy than this, so prepare to feel a sense of amazing peace, possibly for the first time in a long time. Cheers to that, right? Plus, 2023 will be very abundant for you. Your finances are going to improve very soon, which is always welcome news, and you have a lot of love and happiness heading your way next year.


It might be an emotional time for you, Sag, but don’t fight off those emotions. Get in tune with the way you’re feeling and skies will be much brighter on the other side of the new moon. He adds, You may not even know what is causing these deep emotions, which is fine. It is your body and spirit willing to process these feelings.


You’re powerful, Capricorns, but now is the time to rest and recharge that energy to make the most out of what’s ahead.  Think of yourself as a mobile phone for a few days; over the new moon, you should be switched off and charging.


Before you embark on a new chapter, the best thing you can do is take some time for yourself and rest. (A Netflix marathon might be helpful when recharging.) You are about to start a new path, and it must be calculated in your next step. With this in mind, use the new moon as an opportunity to think about and focus on what you want to achieve and attract into your life next.


Use this new moon to crack the code, Pisces.  Get reflective, and figure out which parts of your life are the ones causing the uncomfortable feelings. Use the new moon to find this out, and expect answers to start flooding your way. You might not want to address certain things, but once you bring them to the forefront, it’ll be much easier for you moving forward.


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