Full Moon In Gemini Horoscopes

December’s full moon in Gemini has a specific astrological meaning

The Cold Moon in Gemini connects with authoritative Saturn, dreamy Neptune, and most importantly Mars retrograde (which aligns with the moon in the exact degree in Gemini).

The planets are asking us to take on our old visions with gusto or refine what projects we are wanting to bring to the world. Being that the planetary ruler of the moon, Mercury, glides into Capricorn the day before this lunation occurs, we’ll want to embrace the qualities of the hardworking sign to make sure that we attain our goals through action, power, intention setting and manifestation, or through our hard work. The world is ours — as long as we roll up out sleeves and make waves towards making our aspirations and goals. 

How December’s full moon in Gemini will impact your zodiac sign


There is some chatter around you at the moment, creating tension in your relationships. In order to keep the gossip at a minimum, you’ll have to squash the drama directly by discussing the matter and addressing the rumors with your friends and colleagues to assure them that they’re not true.


Reclaiming your financial power will take some work, but with the right amount of drive and determination you’ll be able to tackle your problems without a hitch. A budget that works for your lifestyle is recommended for you to stay within your means and to save cash for the future.


It’s easy to get consumed by the problems of others. But that doesn’t mean their issues become your issues. Separating yourself from other people will serve as a release and reminder that you can control your own destiny on your terms and without any distractions along the way.


Finding your voice hasn’t been easy. However, you’re beginning to assert your views and speak up in all areas of life. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back. The more you let yourself be heard, the more seen and understood you will feel by your friends and family at this moment.


As you enter the holiday season, you’re wanting to give back to the community. Instead of accepting and giving gifts to friends, coworkers, and family, you should organize a toy drive or volunteer in your local community. That way you can fully embrace the seasonal spirit and your  heartfelt sentiments.  


You are finding that your professional footing is off-kilter because your coworkers are overstepping, which could create tension in the office. The only resolution is to create boundaries and stop oversharing with the people you work with. Then, you can have a simpler and more productive work experience.


Planning your next adventure is going to take you out of your element — which isn’t a bad thing. It is time for you to ditch routines, schedules, and mundane activities in place of adventure and fun. Going to an exotic hot spot will rejuvenate and revive your personal vibe.


A friend may suggest you join a collaborative venture with them and their team. The downside is that it may bring up power issues and dynamics that you don’t want to deal with. Think about your goals before you take the leap and transition into a new professional role with them. 


It’s been a long time since you’ve checked in on loved ones to see how they are doing. Now is the time to reach out and spread joy to others. You’ll be glad that you took the opportunity to check in on those you care about because you’ve missed them.


Many of your coworkers are making an exodus at your job, making it hard for you to keep up with all the work they’ve left on your plate to finish. Don’t be shy in asking for help from your boss or other colleagues. Delegating is key when under time constraints.


Your end of the year finances isn’t quite what you expected. Before you get yourself into a candy cane induced tizzy over your current state of affairs, ask your boss for the money you expected to receive to ensure that you aren’t lagging behind in your finances and gift giving.


All that glitters can be gold, as long as you invest your energy and time into the idea. Don’t give up on your personal aspirations now — try to find ways in which you can make them better. And, with your creative mind it’ll be easier than you think. 


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