Psychic Mediumship Development Class

Online Psychic and Mediumship Development Class: Tuesday December 13 (7:30-9:30 pm). Online in Microsoft Teams.

LESSON: How To Read Palms

Look at your palms: How many lines do you see? How fine or deep are they? How knobby is the bone structure? Which way do the fingerprints whorl?

In a palm reading, each of these features is said to signify something specific about your personality (at least according to those who believe in it). Palm reading can tell you what behaviors are likely to show up, when you’re going to have a child or when you’re going to get married or when you’re going to get divorced.”

This class will be every Tuesday online with Microsoft Teams. Each week we will learn something different to enhance both your psychic and mediumship ability. I don’t look at them at gifts, but abilities. Why? Because everyone can do this, you just don’t know that you can. Or you know that you can but don’t know how to strengthen them.

Each class is $15, payable on my Etsy website. Text me at 716 481 2799 to receive the link to the online class on Microsoft Teams.

After you pay for the class, please text me at 716 481 2799 to receive the link for the class. You don’t have to take every class, just the ones you are interested in. This class enhances self awareness to make better decisions, along with increasing your own abilities.


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