Mercury Retrograde December 29 in Capricorn

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor:

It’s that time of year again! The final Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins on December 29, and it’s moving backwards and tearing up the sign of Capricorn. Taurus and Virgo should have an easier time this retrograde compared to other signs, while Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will be facing the most drama over the next few weeks.

This retrograde is going down in Capricorn, which is a sign most associated with work and public image. That means that you’re dealing with more snafus at work—like scheduling mishaps, missed meetings, overdue tasks—and communicating with your coworkers or boss is probably feeling much more difficult right now. Because Mercury Retrograde is happening in Capricorn, it also focuses a ton on your relationships and exes, because it’s right next to Venus, the planet of love, when it turns retrograde.

Don’t panic, though: Mercury Retrograde isn’t a bad time by any means, but it certainly is a trying time! People, jobs, and projects from the past are coming back around, urging you to deal with stuff you might’ve thought (and hoped) was already ancient history. That ex-flame you kind of forgot about after the first few dates? Well, guess who’s back (back again). That old job you left with tons of unfinished projects on your plate? An old coworker (or maybe even your old boss) is coming back around to give you a piece of their mind. On a brighter note, maybe you were super into a fresh hobby at some point, or totally binged (but never finished!) a new movie or show. Now’s the time to dive back into old interests, on or off screen, and decide if you want to give ’em a second shot!

Remember the three R’s of Mercury Retrograde—this is a time to review, rework, and redo. If someone or something from the past unexpectedly resurfaces, don’t immediately shoot it down! Hear them out. You never know: An old connection from the past could be exactly what you need to move forward with your life. Be open-minded. Good luck!

But what’s true for every significant astrological aspect is true here, as well: The day you’ll feel the effects of Mercury’s backward turn the most will be the day it goes retrograde or direct.

Here’s how it will affect your sign:


There’s a big, big goal you’ve been shooting for, but you can’t make too much progress on it right now—there’s past work, unreviewed details, and a few finishing touches this project needs before it’s 100% ready. Keep up the good work, be patient, and don’t get frustrated when you hit any obstacles.


If you have any winter travel plans, I really, really suggest triple-checking your schedule, showing up for any flights or trains very early, and making sure that literally every single thing you need is packed in your suitcase! The biggest struggles you’re running into right now are going to be related to travel and school. So, if you’re a student, make sure you’re studying hard and putting in your best work!


You need to find balance in your deepest, most intimate relationships, Gemini. You’re either giving too much or not enough. Your partner might not be satisfied by you, or maybe you’re not getting any satisfaction from them. Talk it out, share your feelings, and you’ll find that lost equilibrium.


With this Mercury Retrograde popping off in your chart’s zone of relationships, you can count on a handful of exes making cameos in your life soon. Not just romantic exes, but former friends and old colleagues, too. If there’s still beef between you and any ghosts of work, love, or friendships past, now’s the time to finally squelch it, so you can move on from them for good.


Work is totally draining you right now, and you might feel like you haven’t had a proper break from the grind in a loooong time. Well, Mercury Retrograde is definitely reinforcing that vibe, and that’s because you need to take a look at your day-to-day routine. Are you being as productive as possible? Are you staying healthy? Are you taking care of yourself? Improve your routines and set healthier habits, and you’ll fly through the rest of your work to-do list, stress-free.


It’s gonna be a much easier Mercury Retrograde for you compared to other signs, Virgo. You’re being asked to get back in touch with your inner child right now. So start doing things that satisfy any childlike curiosities and desires and (most importantly!) will be v fun. Maybe you were obsessed with a particular band or a movie back in the day—why did you stop being a fan? Reintroduce childhood pleasures into your life. It’ll improve your wellbeing a ton.


Family-related drama is the name of your game this Mercury Retrograde, Libra. Well, that, and also any issues going down at home. Your fam might be having a tough time getting along, and your roomies are acting extra difficult now, too—or at least, that’s how you’re seeing things. Focus on compromising with people and listening to them a little more, and you’ll successfully work through these problems.


You think you know exactly what to say right now, but whenever you open your mouth, all you get is word salad. So. Frustrating. You’re learning the power your words have, Scorpio, and just how important it is to think things through and speak your mind clearly. Before hitting send on any emails or texts, it’s a good idea to double-check ’em and make sure everything is coherent and typo-free.


It’s time to take a look at your budget, Sagittarius! If you’re feeling particularly short on cash at the moment, I suggest looking through your bank statements. Where are you overspending, and where might you be able to save up a little more cash? You’d be surprised at just how much you’re spending on crap you barely even use. It’s time to get your priorities straight!


With this retrograde going on in your sign, you’re arguably having the worst go at this transit, Cap. But that doesn’t mean it’s for sure going to be a bad time! You just need to be extra-careful with how you convey your thoughts to others. Focus on saying things nicely, and work on listening better. Your communication skills need to be improved. This retrograde is helping you to do just that by pointing out all the problems of your current style of communicating.


Exes of all kinds are coming back around! This retrograde is activating your chart’s zone of past cycles and patterns, so you’re definitely taking a loooong trip down memory lane these days. Don’t assume those exes have bad intentions—make a real effort to hear them out! Then, respond nicely, and move forward from there.


Your friend group is like one big game of musical chairs right now. Old friends are coming back around, while some of your current buddies are jumping ship, and you’re learning a ton about the people you hang out with—for better or for worse. There’s drama ahead, sure. But if you focus on eliminating the toxic, shitty connections and working on the positive, healthy friendships in your life, you’ll reach the end of this retrograde with the best squad ever.


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