First Reading Event Of The Year

Please join me, Theressa Johnson, Psychic Medium  on January 7, (12-4pm) for readings at the Soul Healing Center at 4773 Harris Hill Rd, Clarence, NY

Click here  to book your appointment.

Happy New Year 2023 !  Whew..we are starting out with Mercury Retrograde.  (December 28, 2022, to January 18, 2023). You can expect an increase in delays, frustrations, miscommunications and even technological mishaps. And when Mercury is retrograde, plans are rarely ever set in stone, so it’s not the most ideal time to sign contracts or make life-altering decisions.  And a full moon in Cancer January 6.  Emotions much?

A psychic reading may help to clarify some decisions or relationships in your life. Information from your past life may show up to help with the challenge of your present life relationships, decisions and friendships. A mediumship reading will allow for healing and closure. Sometime the cycle repeats until the lesson is learned. Let me help you with your decision making in the new yar and /or contact with loved ones who have passed on the other side.


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