The New Moon occurs at 2:06 am EST On Feb 20 at the first degree of Pisces. Check where that falls in your chart, and, do your manifestation to support the unfolding of these new energies.

The sabian symbol is ‘ squirrels hiding from hunters.’ Its a rather serious degree which conjures up feelings of fear and thoughts of survival.

A squirrel is no match for a hunter…unless it hides! What are you hiding in your own life? What are your fears around authenticity? Perhaps this symbol will remind you of what you need to do to survive in a world filled with threats. And, yes, after the wild ride during these past Aquarian 3 years (shooting, blizzards, earthquakes, fires) there HAVE been numerous challenges which have tugged at our heart strings….. Wherever you find Pisces in your own chart you feel the pain of others. Pisces is the original empath, psychic, helper of humankind. Saturn, the great planet of reality will be moving into Pisces on the day of the full moon: March 7th. How do you make `compassion’ more real? That will be the lesson and path of Saturn from 2023 through 2026.

The New Moon is conjunct Saturn at 28° Aquarius. Normally a New Moon in Pisces is an opportunity to make a wish. Within the endless Piscean ocean, anything is possible. However, Saturn doesn’t “dig” wishes. Saturn wants concrete actions. That’s why at this New Moon in Pisces, you’re invited to make a commitment.

What’s the difference between a wish and a commitment? Both wishes and commitments are important and serve a unique role.

We make a wish when we don’t have an answer, or when a resolution is not within our reach. If we want something, but don’t know how to get it, we make a wish. If we’ve tried everything humanly possible, and we haven’t got the expected results – we leave it to the Universe, and make a wish. There is a lot of power in setting intentional wishes. When we make a wish, we basically take ourselves out of the equation. We accept that the answer is beyond our reach. We leave everything in the hands of the universe.

A commitment is different. When we make a commitment, we commit ourselves to an outcome. We know that it’s us taking action that will get us the results we want. If we want to lose weight, we know that making a wish won’t do it; we need to take actual action: change our diet, do more exercise, or change our lifestyle. If we want to learn a new skill, we know that we need to clear our schedule for what’s important to us, and show up; we make a commitment to learning and to our future.

The New Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn is an invitation to make a commitment on a desired outcome (the “what”), and at the same time, to keep our options open (the “how”). The New Moon is in Pisces, so we don’t have all the answers. Yet, everything starts with a strong commitment (Saturn).

An example of a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn commitment is: “I 100% commit myself to achieve (…) your goal. “I don’t know yet how I will get there, and I might need to try different approaches. But no matter how many times I fail, I will keep my options open, and I will keep trying. I am 100% committed”. There is something magical about a 100% commitment. Not 99%, not even 99.9%, but 100%. When we are 100% committed, we are all in. Failing is not an option. When we are 100% committed, we connect ourselves to the fabric of the universe, and the universe begins to conspire in helping us achieve our goal.

This year, the Pisces new moon pairs up with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance which has a magnifying effect on everything it touches. Also, Jupiter, as a planet, is comfortable and therefore especially able to express its energies and purpose in Pisces. For this reason, the feelings that come up for you around this new moon could feel amplified. This meet-up also bolsters optimism, sunniness, and the tendency to want to go big or go home with any intention you set now.

But if you’re suddenly caught off-guard by an exciting offer, spontaneous get-together with loved ones, romantic experience that pops up out of the blue, or creative brainstorm, you’ll have Uranus to thank. This moon also forms a friendly sextile to game-changer Uranus in Taurus, the grounded fixed earth sign, which could help you turn even the most nebulous dream into something concrete and electrifyingly exciting.

Associated with the twelfth house of spirituality, which involves the unconscious, dreams, and psychological healing, new beginnings go hand-in-hand with healing yourself mentally and emotionally now. The last thing the moon will do before moving into Pisces and meeting up with the sun will be to join forces with Saturn, the planet of boundaries and hard work, completing its stint in Aquarius. Your emotional commitments and relationship to self-discipline will be top of mind leading into the ethereal new moon. 

Though this could set a bit of a heavy, serious tone, you’ll do well to think of it as a solid, fertile foundation from which you can plant the seeds you want to see flourish. Basically, Saturn is the planet of reality checks, which can serve you well while wearing rose-colored glasses during this Pisces new moon. For instance, if you’re thinking of starting a side hustle or making a romantic move, holding past behaviors, patterns, and lessons in mind can set you up for more success in the long haul. 


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