How Saturn Going In Pisces On March 7 Will Affect Your Sign.  Remember to Check Your Sun, Rising and Moon Signs.


Following your wildest impulses comes naturally to you, Aries. But are you able to hear your inner voice over the blazing cry of your passions? Over the next few years, Saturn is set on helping you hone your intuition by turning your attention inward. Whether or not you consciously realize it, you’re wrapping up some major karmic cycles and clearing yourself of spiritual baggage. This is deep inner work! You might find it challenging to verbalize the subtle soul-level shifts you’re experiencing, but working through it in solitude or with a therapist can be empowering. Focus on prioritizing and protecting your peace, even when life in the fast lane is calling your name.


You already know how valuable your time is, Taurus, but you may soon find yourself being extra selective about the plans you make and the company you keep. Saturn’s hitting your house of friendships and community for the next few years, which is prompting you to reevaluate your social life and potentially tighten your circle. It’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to be your best self and a squad that’s supportive of your hopes and wishes—so now’s a time to start building that kind of community in your life, even if you have to do it from the ground up. Don’t waste your time on a crew or a cause if it doesn’t align with your vibe.


It’s time to get serious about your career and check your imposter syndrome at the door, Gemini. With Saturn entering your public-facing tenth house, the next few years will bring the building blocks for a major glow-up in your professional life. But that doesn’t mean your empire will build itself! You’re learning to get real about your accomplishments and shortcomings alike, all of which will help you step into your role as an authority figure. While your airy and mutable energy gives you your fast-thinking Gemini edge, slowing down now can help you build a more intentional foundation for your future career. After all, great success doesn’t usually come overnight! By the end of this transit, you’ll feel a lot more established and confident about taking up space in your field.


Prepare to totally overhaul what you thought your core beliefs were, Cancer. Saturn is hitting your philosophical ninth house over the next few years, which could catalyze some serious paradigm shifts and perspective checks. Letting go of old ideas isn’t easy, especially for a nostalgic water baby like you—but it’ll help you develop a more nuanced and resonant point of view. Don’t underestimate your wisdom! It may also be time to buckle down and finally get that degree or professional certificate you’ve been putting off, or jump into a new field of study entirely. Focus on furthering your education or otherwise gaining experience doing something meaningful to you. By the end of this transit, you’ll move through the world differently.


It’s time to deal with all those skeletons that have been swept into your closet, Leo—because out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind. Saturn will be hitting one of the most vulnerable parts of your chart, so you’ll be extra cognizant of situations in your life that make you feel dependent or out of control. This could involve an emotionally-enmeshed relationship that’s weighing on your heart, or a financial debt that’s weighing on your bank account. Challenge yourself to face these sensitive issues head-on, no matter how uncomfortable, and get real about your attachments, entanglements and power struggles. By setting strong boundaries, you can start freeing yourself of some under-the-surface baggage.


The next few years could be a make or break period for your relationships, Virgo, so prepare to get real about interpersonal dynamics and desires. Now’s a time to start figuring out exactly who and what you actually want to commit to—in business and pleasure alike. You may want to level up the standards you hold for your partners, or challenge yourself to step up and take more responsibility for your own actions. If you’re dating, you’ll probably be more discerning about your lovers and seek more stability. If you’re linked up, don’t be surprised if you take things to a deeper level of commitment during this transit and move into a more serious phase.


Time to get yourself organized and revitalized, Libra. Prioritizing your mind/body/spirit connection is officially a non-negotiable now that Saturn is entering your health and maintenance sector—and balancing a healthy lifestyle with your day-to-day responsibilities will be your challenge to conquer. You’re learning how to better care for yourself, which is why it’s important to cut any unnecessary and stressful fluff from your routine. You have no time for BS right now! So no matter how busy life gets, remember that your wellness comes first. Drink enough water, get enough exercise, and throw some veggies on your plate once in a while.


You’re a naturally creative soul, Scorpio, and Saturn is making sure you put your talents to good use over the next few years. Now’s a time to get more disciplined about your passion projects and work through any sense of fear you feel around authentic self-expression. If you want to breathe life into something new and really shine your light into the world, it takes more than a magically elusive spark of inspiration—it takes hard work, diligent focus and a strong voice, too. Focus on developing confidence in yourself and working through any shreds of imposter syndrome that keep you from living up to your true potential. Pushing through these limitations may be challenging, but on the other side of this transit lies a greater sense of creative freedom.


You may have to resist the Sagittarian urge to deal with problems by running off into the sunset—because Saturn will be cozying up in your home and family sector over the next few years, rendering its presence inescapable (sorry!). Domestic duties could suddenly take a front seat, prompting you to step up for family members and get your private affairs in order. Deep-seated attachments or challenging childhood memories could come up during this time, too. On a more literal level, you may feel the need to downsize your living space or embrace a more minimalist lifestyle at home. Whether it’s emotionally or physically, clearing old clutter and lightening your load will ultimately grant you the freedom your wild heart desires.


Saturn is your ruling planet, Capricorn, so you’re no stranger to its stern and serious energy. But with your ringed ruler hitting the communication sector of your chart for the next few years, you may feel extra critical of your own ideas or self-conscious of how you express yourself to others. Work through the discomfort! You’re slowly honing your unique voice and interacting with the world in a more meaningful way. You may find yourself being a bit more discerning about what you say, how you say it, and who you share it with—and that’s a good thing. By the end of this transit, you’ll be able to speak with so much more authority and confidence.


Saturn is your traditional cosmic ruler, Aquarius—and this ultra-responsible planet has been in your sign for the past few years, teaching you to take yourself more seriously. But now it’s time to focus on your resources and learn some lessons on how to make the most of what you’ve got. If you’ve been irresponsible or frivolous about spending, this is an important time to create a budget and start planning for your financial future. Security will feel especially important to you now, so get in touch with your core values and figure out how you really want to spend your time, money, and energy. Making wiser investments in all of those areas is key.


Saturn is all about tough love, which isn’t always fun for a fantasy-lovin’ cosmic fish like you, Pisces. But with the ringed planet entering your sign for the first time in nearly three decades, you’ll have to kiss any sugarcoating goodbye. Over the next few years, you’re getting more real with yourself and your truth than ever before, and it’ll be a truly transformative experience. Prepare to peel back the layers of your identity to find out what’s really underneath. That said, it can feel isolating to undergo so much personal restructuring at once—as if you’re outgrowing everything around you. But trust this process and remember that growing pains fade with time.


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