Happy Full Moon for April 5 2023

Every Sun season has its opposing full Moon. For Aries, the sign of the self, that full Moon is in Libra. In the midst of Aries season and in between two new Moons in Aries, the full Moon in Libra on April 5, 2023, brings some air to our fire. The fire sign of Aries asks us to be bold and decisive, and to take action quickly based on instinct alone. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra reminds us to connect with what we love in life. Libra also helps us connect with our hearts and communicate with others from this place. In its highest energy, Libra gives us patience, compassion, and the willingness to understand other people’s perspectives.

On this full Moon in Libra, it’s important to have some boundaries around your heart, mind, and energy. These boundaries aren’t meant to be harsh to others. They are meant to protect your peace. Libra helps us understand the impact of our relationships on the soul’s mission. First, though, it helps us understand how to create peace within ourselves. When we allow others to affect our energy, emotions, and thoughts, we lose control over our peace. We stop defining the vibration we live in and instead absorb from others the vibrations around us.

A lack of boundaries can look like many things. It may be saying yes when we really mean no. It may look like people-pleasing or being afraid of upsetting someone. It may also look like oversharing emotional issues with people who aren’t supportive or feeling like you are a dumping ground for other people’s emotions. A lack of boundaries can make you feel a little annoyed almost all of the time, and you may get angry easily. Anger is often a sign that your boundaries are being invaded. You may be angry at another for crossing them or angry at yourself for not upholding them.

Another clue that more boundaries are needed is if you easily take on other people’s energy. For instance, you may be in a pleasant mood. Then, after an encounter with someone in a lower vibration who is complaining a lot, you find yourself in a lower frequency, too. Boundaries help us hold the vibration we want to experience instead of taking on someone else’s. As you move through this full Moon in April, become aware if you need more boundaries between yourself and others. Creating strong boundaries is part of being in healthy relationships. When we maintain our boundaries, we can align with the soul’s mission more easily. We can also prioritize our needs while still showing up for other people. We don’t feel drained or annoyed by others. Instead, we give what we can when we can. When both people in a relationship do this, they can have clear, conscious communication around expectations and compromises.

When we don’t have healthy boundaries, the world pulls at our energy from different directions. Our emotions feel unstable, our thoughts are scattered, and we find it hard to focus. When we have firm boundaries in place, we can focus clearly on what’s important and limit our distractions in life. This focus helps us clarify and stay aligned with the soul’s mission.

Boundaries, though, require balance. We need just enough to protect our energy but not so many we keep away people who add to our lives. We want people in our world. We want to share our existence with others. It feels good to connect with other people. Some of the most joyous moments we have are spent with others. We also naturally crave people to share our stories, sorrows, and success.

We also crave love and people to love. Love is the highest vibration of all. It helps us touch our souls. Yes, we can love ourselves, but love for others also helps expand our hearts and raise our vibration. We want people in our lives, and we even need them. But we also need boundaries so relationships don’t become limiting or draining. We need balance, and creating that balance is what this full Moon is all about.

Living with others is not always easy, but when we do it through the lens of love, it becomes less challenging. Staying within the higher vibration of love is not always possible; we are affected by many things within and around us, including the people we interact with each day. We naturally absorb other people’s energy, especially when we have an intimate relationship with them. We take on other people’s energy, emotions, and even thoughts. We become like the people we are around because energy is contagious.


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