How the Full Pink Moon in Libra of April 2023 Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

It’s kinda hard to stop and smell the roses when you’re in the midst of a vigorous Mars-ruled season, but there’s a Pink Moon headed our way!  So be sure to read on if you’re wondering how the full Pink Moon in Libra of April 2023 will affect each zodiac sign.

As for the full moon forecast, let’s take a closer look at the significance of this lunar phase, before we unravel the different layers of this lunation. Often referred to as an emotional climax and period of revelation, the moon reaches its peak of fullness once every month, while sitting directly across from the sun. This is precisely when the moon becomes 100 percent illuminated by the sun’s light, but the general opposition occurring between both of these luminaries can be emotionally triggering in the process. After all, if the moon is a symbol of our inner world and emotional foundation, and the sun represents our physical reality and primal expression, this lunar phase can bring light to what is out of balance in our personal lives. It’s no wonder many are often intimidated by the full moon effects; the gravitational pull occurring between the sun and the moon has the power to awaken the ocean of emotion within and around us.


Lean into your connections, and don’t be afraid to let someone else take the lead, Aries. Energies that revolve around your contractual agreements, significant others and ability to compromise are being brought to the forefront of this full moon. Ruled by Venus in your second house of money and self-worth, you’re being encouraged to surrender doubts, fears and the need to always fend for yourself. Others of you may realize you share different values with someone, but this doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate empathy and meet someone halfway.


You get what you give, and you’re seeing this firsthand, Taurus. This could be an act of kindness or a work vs. life balance you’re currently trying to cultivate, but this Venus-ruled full moon is bringing awareness to the dynamic of your day-to-day lifestyle, as well as clarity on whether or not it aligns with your higher self. If there is a lack of harmony between your life behind the scenes and your day-to-day reality, it will become clear under April’s full moon. You’re being called to prioritize your mental, physical, and spiritual well being, so reflect on what truly makes you feel secure.


You’re not one to follow the crowd, but you’re also easily distracted when mentally stimulated, Gemini. That being said, this justice-seeking full moon is bringing emphasis to your heart’s desires and the relationship you share with your inner child. Being a leader in your community is second nature to you, but are these collaborations and social networks in harmony with your passion projects, and creative musings? There’s nothing wrong with honoring your fellow intellectuals and storytellers, as long as you don’t lose sight of your own talents, skills and abilities.


Take a step back, and check-in with yourself, Cancer. Libra governs your fourth house of rulership, making this lunation all the more essential to your well being. There’s a part of you that is genuinely longing for a sense of harmony in your personal life, and yet another part of you keeps pushing forward, professionally and in terms of your sense of authority. No one said you couldn’t multitask, but you also can’t keep doing it all by yourself, all the time. Ruled by Venus in your social sector, you’re being encouraged to lean on your peers, and connect with those you value, and value you in return.


Taking the lead comes naturally when you’re ruled by the sun, Leo. However, this Venus-ruled full moon is challenging your pride, in the sense that it is reminding you to hold space for other ideas and perspectives. There’s always room for growth and expansion, and cultivating balance in the realm of communications (as well as skills you’re trying to master) can bring you the truth you’ve been seeking. Ruled by Venus in your 10th house of authority, don’t let a valuable connection and/or piece of advice go to waste.


Everyone has a unique value system, including you, Virgo. But April’s full moon is bringing awareness to everything from your sense of security to your joint ventures. Governed by Venus in your expansive ninth house of wisdom, philosophy and unknown territory, a journey while traveling abroad, and/or a new-found belief system, could help bring you the equilibrium you crave in the area of finances, and stability. This could also help strengthen your partnerships, and social awareness.


Make a wish, Libra. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to think back to the new moon in your sign that took place back in September 2022, because similar themes are being brought to the forefront… unless, you set intentions that are now manifesting. Governed by your celestial ruler, Venus—whilst bringing harmony and stability to your joint ventures, shared assets and contractual agreements—this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the value of your intimate unions, and whether your desire to lead on an investment is truly worth it.


Things aren’t always as they seem, and you’re well aware of this truth, Scorpio. However, this is important to consider during this time, as this full moon will bring clarity to something that’s been hidden from your conscious mind. Governed by Venus in your relationship sector, you’re gaining awareness of the stability of your one-on-one connections (personally or professionally), and recognizing where there could be a lack of balance, or reciprocation. Conversations around a contract could catch you off guard, which is why it’s important to remain true to your belief systems.


Friends come and go, but sometimes they turn into family, Sagittarius. Governed by Venus in your sixth house of due diligence and acts of service, this moon epitomizes the meaning of “paying it forward.” When was the last time you checked in on a friend? Or hung out with your best pal? Without losing sight of your heart’s desires, this moon is encouraging you to show up in your community, and share your gift with the rest of the world. More importantly, it’s reminding you of your soul family, and friendship groups. Step away from the solo ventures for a bit, and lean in.


You’re a natural at calling the shots and taking the lead, but there’s a time and place for everything, Capricorn. A professional opportunity could potentially take you out of your element, but not having “superiority” doesn’t have to mean it’s out of the question. For others of you, it’s important to be mindful of your work vs. life balance, and communicate with your superiors if needed. Things could be more active than usual on the home-front, which may leave you with no choice but let someone else do the work for the time being, and that’s OK.


Being a fixed sign makes you more prone to having a stubborn mindset, but this full moon is showing you why this could be to your detriment, Aquarius. With a stellium in Aries charging up your communication sector, chances are acting on impulse, and speeding through the details of a situation. However, you’re being encouraged to consider a different point of view, or a completely different option moving forward, as Luna will light up your ninth house of wisdom, and unknown territory. Don’t leap forward without proper mediation, and guidance. This is especially true for those of you in the middle of relocating, or a lucrative household investment. 


You’re more often a giver than you are a taker, and this is exactly what you’re confronting under April’s Pink Moon, Pisces. Whether financially or in regards to your sense of security, it’s important to reflect on the value of your investments, and (more importantly) where you’re directing your energy. Are your intimate unions and shared assets built upon an authentic and stable foundation? Can you depend on a significant other and/or professional employer for the stability you desire? This could be something as silly as the conversations you’re having on a regular basis but the bottom line is, are they of genuine value to you?


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