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The full moon lunar eclipse arrives on May 5, 2023 at 11:14 a.m. EST, at 14 degrees of Scorpio, the sign of death and regeneration, intimacy and underbellies, sex and power, control and release. This is the final Scorpio eclipse of the Taurus/Scorpio cycle that began in November 2021.

Relationships are on the line’ during weekend flower full moon and lunar eclipse. It’s Scorpio’s last lesson before leaving us and this fixed water loves a mic drop, a plot twist, and most of all anything and anyone returning from the dead. It’s here to incite, to heal and to help us close the circle, turn the page, cut and cauterize. It’s also coming in hot and heavy on the heels of the April 20th new moon solar eclipse in Aries that initiated a new era of challenge and change.

The focus here is on what is buried, and themes of rot and renewal, endings and beginnings.

Full moons charged moments of culmination and eclipses serve to amplify that energy. Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death and transformation as well as the reproductive and excretory systems and the sacral chakra. The focus here is on what is buried, and themes of rot and renewal, endings and beginnings. Transformation does not come from stagnation, neigh, it comes from a serious and often seriously disruptive catalyst. In regards to the hoarder, ‘my precious’ mentality of the Taurus/Scorpio axis, this eclipse provides an opportunity for purging of all sorts and invites us to prioritize passions over possessions. Helpful mantra: we are not what we have or who we want.

On that note, Scorpio is the patron sign of obsession (sorry, not sorry) and this eclipse points to patterns, compulsions and behaviors that we repeat but reap no reward from. This eclipse want’s you to cut that s–t out. Scorpio is about what we keep hidden from others so these obsessions, underlying energies, personal pains and anxious attachments are for us to identify, expose, politely thank and heartily cast out.

Add to the moon mix that we are currently experiencing not one but TWO planetary retrogrades; trickster communication planet Mercury is retrograding in Taurus and death daddy planet Pluto is backspinning in Aquarius. Not for nothing folks, all of this unrest and activation is happening in the grudge holding, pry it from my cold dead hands modality of fixed signs.

The eclipse will stir an exciting, but tempestuous period, as the cosmos are pushing us to accept our true selves. This astral season is the best time for growth, especially given that lunar eclipses have an astrological reputation for bringing matters to light, exposing areas of our lives that need to evolve for the better.

Astrologically, we are being asked to work through our past in order to open ourselves up to new adventures. This could mean facing our fears and dealing with prior trauma.

How the lunar eclipse will impact your zodiac sign

Your confidence may fluctuate at this time, making you unsure of your footing and role in situations and relationships. Take time to appreciate the splendor and positivity you offer others and bring some of those good vibes back to yourself. Remember that you are a beautiful being worthy of love. 

Focusing on the needs of those you care about will allow you to help relationships grow. Stepping outside of yourself is a good thing every once in a while — especially when you have a friend in need. Be there for those who are struggling and give them extra support.

Accidents could happen during the eclipse, so be sure to look both ways before crossing the street. Simply put, take your time. Don’t rush through projects and work carefully. Remember to dot all your i’s and cross your t’s and thoroughly read through contracts to avoid unforeseen issues. Pay attention to all the details. 

Make plans to have a romantic date with your crush or significant other. The more you connect with the person you most adore under this lunation, or lunar month, the closer you’ll become. Share your intimate feelings and secrets to create a bond that brings you together.  

If you’re considering home renovations, you might want to reconsider. It’s not the time to make major changes to the home (given that Mercury is retrograde during eclipse season). If you feel the urge to upgrade your dwelling, spruce it up with fun accent pieces, like throw pillows and a new rug.

There is a lot of information circling around your head and within your inbox at the moment, since old flames and friends are sending intense communication to you out of the blue. Find a moment of calm in the day to understand and appreciate the messages that are currently coming your way. 

This is a good time to check on your finances. The good news is that you will soon be able to make strides and work with your situation to improve it for the better. 

Emotions are high at this time, as the universe is pushing you to evolve at lightening speed. You don’t have to make any sudden or impulsive moves, even if you think you’re being urged to do so right now. Move at your own pace towards growth. Don’t rush the process.

You may feel like hiding away from the limelight right now, as you’re wanting to spend some time alone to reconnect with yourself. Give yourself the opportunity and freedom to focus on you and you alone. Turn your phone off and zone out for a while.

You’re finding that your core group of friends aren’t living up to their hype. They’re not including you in recent get togethers and being distant. At this time, you may want to create boundaries with them and set limits in order to protect your heart from being hurt. Or, just have a frank conversation.

Finding balance between your personal and professional lives can be challenging. You sometimes dedicate the majority of your energy towards work. Allow yourself to have time for yourself and family in an attempt to maintain a peaceful and harmonious center.

You’re longing to understand matters that are eluding you at the moment. But you can’t understand everything. Don’t let the confusion stress you out. The truth always comes to light, so be patient. You will receive the answers you long for soon.


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