About Theressa

il_570xn-1106674863_5dlt2     Hello!  I’m happy to have this opportunity to meet you!  My name is Theressa.  I am known as ‘Spirit Messenger’ on Facebook and ‘TJ’ on a few other sites.   I have been a practicing psychic medium for many years now, and have had the awareness of the ability since the age of 6.

What does that mean exactly?  Well, I use my psychic ability to tune into you, to offer guidance on your life path, your personality and life challenges.  I use my medium-ship ability to tune into the spirit world to contact your loved ones, including your pets, your angels and spirit guides.

The philosophy of Modern Spiritualism teaches that there is no death, and there are no dead.  Medium-ship is the proof of this philosophy.

For me, the purpose of Medium-ship is to provide spiritual nourishment, and spiritual refreshment to you–the seeker.  People seeking a sitting or reading with a Medium, are often looking for comfort, and healing after the passing of a beloved family member or friend.  Sometimes, they are looking for validation of their own spiritual experiences, or for education and information about life after death.  They can also be seeking enlightenment, and reassurance regarding situations which are going on in their lives.  A sitting with a Medium will address some, if not all of these situations as well as other issues that the sitter may not even be thinking of or be aware of at the time.  Spirit is ever our helper.

My intention for you, is that your reading will leave you feeling spiritually nourished, refreshed and uplifted.  My friends and colleagues in the Spirit World know my intentions and will work with your loved ones, teachers and guides to honor your spiritual needs at the time of your sitting.

May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light of wisdom guide you all the way on.

From my spirit to your spirit, and from my heart to your heart