Ask A Medium Event

Event by Theressa Johnson and Painted Love

Painted Love – Art & Wellness Studio, 145 Belmont, Tonawanda, NY February 4, 1-4pm,. 

Have you ever wondered about the world of psychic situations that happened to you but you have no idea who to ask? Or do you just want to ask a question but don’t know a psychic ? ASK ME ! I will host this event from 1-4 pm and answer questions about things that happened that you don’t understand, I’ll address some issues regarding what happens when you leave your body behind, how those on the other side communicate after they leave this earth, premonitions and dreams you have had and more ! Mini readings and past life readings will probably happen as well but are not guaranteed. Event is $20. Cash, Venmo, Cash App or Etsy Link.

Call 716 481 2799 to sign up.

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