Full Moon in Leo: January 28th 2021 (2:16PM ET/11:16AM PT)

The full moon for January 2021 comes to us in Leo, and this is the sign of creativity, love, and fun. We can work to connect better with our hearts, and feel more inspired creatively. We can finalize creative plans, finish up creative projects, and eliminate love blocks. We may have less focus for anything that is too much like “work”, and instead want to make more time for play, fun, and romance.

We may want more attention with a Leo full moon, and this can make us a little needy. This is more of an issue if one lacks proper self-esteem, so work on that. We may grow closer with those we love, and feel more of a spiritual connection with them. Any we don’t, we may pull away from.

This full moon is square (hard aspect, 3 signs away) Mars in Taurus (rumblings in a usually stable sign) and opposite Jupiter in Aquarius (rebellion, excitement, science magnified, look for the corona vaccination to become more available), so there is some challenging energy with this full moon.  Like: Mars might bring out some fighting energy, and we can be more frustrated and easily irritated. We may need a healthy outlet for frustrations. Jupiter can make us lazier, excessive, or self-centered. We may need to give ourselves some space without pushing everything away, and make sure we’re not over-inflating the ego.

As we approach the end of the zodiac cycle, which is just before the March Equinox, things may feel like they are reaching a climax point.

The Leo Full Moon on January 28-29, 2021, is the second last Full Moon of the zodiac cycle and may trigger this climax point.

We may find all that needs to be revealed coming to the surface.

This is one of those Full Moons that feels like a mixed bag of tricks and perhaps a little chaotic. We may feel knocked off guard or perhaps confused or uncertain about something we were once sure of. Information may come to the surface that challenges us, or we may notice the unraveling of hidden emotions and feelings that were once neatly tucked away. While the alignments around this Full Moon are chaotic, they also indicate cosmic protection, especially if we look to the bigger picture.

No matter what unfolds for us, our power lies in zooming out, looking for the silver lining, and remembering that there is something greater and bigger at play.

This power to trust the bigger picture comes from the auspicious alignment of Jupiter and the Sun, which happens at the same time as this January Full Moon. Jupiter aligning with the Sun is considered a fortunate energy, and a fantastic time for signing new deals, launching an event or business, or experiencing synchronistic opportunities from the Universe.

It is a day that brings abundance and an expansion of our talents and gifts.

Under the influence of the chaotic Full Moon energies, it may be a little harder to connect with this abundant energy, but it does not mean it’s not there.

If we keep our minds open and our vision expanded, we may just be able to find the little jewels that the Universe has to offer us.

Pay attention to the signs of the Universe on this day, and keep your sights set on the bigger picture. Know that if things are confusing, they won’t be that way forever. Clarity will soon dawn, and in time, you may even be able to look back on these events as necessary for the next steps of your journey.

Falling in the sign of Leo, this Full Moon will carry a fiery and creative energy to it. Use this energy to make headway on any new or creative projects you may be working on. It is also great energy for allowing yourself to get motivated and excited by life.

If you are currently living in lockdown, life may have felt a little dull or monatomous. But, this Full Moon is your invitation to bring the excitement back into your life, even if it is just in small ways.

What gets you excited? What is something you can plan this week that you can look forward to?

Creating little things like this through the week is a great way to stay motivated and to use some of this fiery, inspiring energy that the Leo Moon has to offer.

Leo is also about leadership and finding our confidence. How can you step up and be the leader of your life? How can you take responsibility for all you wish to achieve? There are always obstacles in our path, but the courage and determination that Leo energy brings reminds us that we always have the power to make the best of whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Whenever we have strong energy, like we do with this Full Moon, it is easy to fall victim to our fears and to old, familiar habits, even if we know they are not the best for us. It takes courage to rise up from our fears and to remove ourselves from our comfort zones. It takes an inner strength to face adversity and to look at the bigger picture.

These are definitely no easy tasks, but under the bright Leo Full Moon, we will be guided as long as we take the courage to make that first step. Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part, but also the most rewarding.

What first step do you wish to take?

Set your intention and you may just find the light of the Full Moon guiding your way.

Leo is also heart-centered energy, so open your heart to the Universe and to the unseen journey of your life. Open your heart to yourself, and remember just how brave and bold you are.

Overall, the January Full Moon may knock us off balance, but it also brings us courage, motivation, and the gift of being able to look beyond what we can just see and into the bigger picture vision of our lives.


January’s full moon takes place in the realm of fixed fire sign Leo, which will bring our creative self-expression to the forefront. This moon gives us a chance to step into the spotlight and unveil our most playful, fun, and flashy passion projects — and it’s a great time to make some bold and flirty moves in the romance realm, too. The state of the world may not feel glitzy or glamorous, but the full moon in Leo invites us to be a little flashy and theatrical in our personal expressions, even if that just means putting on red lipstick for a Zoom call.

However, the full moon is squaring off with both unpredictable Uranus and hotheaded Mars, and will oppose powerful planets Jupiter (planet of good luck and excess) and Saturn (karma, lessons learned, restrictions) in the zodiac. All these planetary squabbles will up the already sky-high potential for drama — but the feel-good vibes of this Leo-ruled moon ensures we can shine some sunshine on any bad situation.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This full moon may bring tensions to a boil in your love life, Aries, but remember that underneath the tension runs a current of pure passion. That said, it’s a great time to get bold and tell your crush how you feel — or make the first move by asking out a cutie who’s caught your eye. The fun and flirty full moon energy offers you plenty of opportunities for romance.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Tensions at home could come to a breaking point now, Taurus — but if you’re willing to be the bigger person and extend the first olive branch, you can use this moon as a time for deep personal healing. Speak your truth with roommates or family members and diffuse any drama with your realness. They’ll be touched by your authenticity and more willing to work things through.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The full moon in feisty Leo is bringing out your boisterous side, Gemini, and you’ll be finding all sorts of flashy, creative ways to express yourself now. Whether it’s through writing, podcasting, or just broadcasting your ideas on social media, use this time to make a fun and positive impact on the people around you and enjoy your busy, blossoming social life.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Your mind is on money during this moon, Cancer, and it’s a great time to make some bold moves when it comes to your finances. Whether this means asking for a promotion at work, making an exciting investment, or splurging on a special luxurious something with your hard-earned cash, now’s a time to have some fun and believe in the power of your own worth.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

All eyes are on you, Leo — just how you like it! The full moon in your zodiac sign shines its light on your self-expression and marks an exciting creative climax that’s filled with glitz, glamour, and theatrics. While it may be tempting to stir the drama that’s currently brewing, use your powers for good instead and find ways to show off your talents to the world.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Full moons can be exhausting, and this one marks a time to pump the brakes and hit the snooze button, Virgo. While you typically stay busy trying to rev your engine and maintain your daily grind, this moon reminds you that sometimes, slowing down should be more your speed. Restore your creative inspiration with rest in order to avoid a full-blown burnout.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

You’re the belle of the social scene under this climactic full moon, Libra, so use your diplomatic gifts to spark joy amidst the drama. While there may be tensions building within your friend group or team at work, your ability to see all sides of a situation can help bring peace to an otherwise chaotic situation. This grants you an opportunity to network and make new connections, too.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Your professional life is on fire now, Scorpio, so don’t be afraid to toot your own horn to remind everyone who’s boss. You usually prefer to fly under the radar as you climb the ranks at work, but now’s a good time to show off a bit. Your accomplishments and hard work are sparkling under the light of this moon — make sure everyone else catches a glimpse of the gleam, too.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

With the full moon lighting up a fellow fire sign’s territory, you’re feeling more like your bold and excitable self, Sag. Use this momentum to bring your current adventures to a high point. Your lust for life and hunger for knowledge can take you on all sorts of exciting journeys now, literally and figuratively. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, try new things, and challenge your current set of beliefs.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

What skeletons have you been shoving into your closet, Cap? This full moon lights up your courageous inner-fire and inspires you to face your truths, no matter how deeply they’ve been buried. Secrets hold less power over us once we’ve brought them into the light — so set your fears aside and charge forward with this spiritual purge. You’ve been working toward this transformation whether you realize it or not.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Your love life is taking center stage under this full moon, Aquarius, so set aside all your romantic reservations and be bold about what you want. While the full moon may bring some drama to your partnerships, it also brings huge potential for commitment in relationships and exciting proclamations of feeling. Don’t be afraid to express your truth to your lover and be open to them doing the same.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

This full moon is bringing clarity around what you need to thrive in your day to day life, Pisces — so embrace these changes with a playful sense of optimism. Splurge on some cute workout gear to make your New Year’s exercise routine feel more glam, or plate your healthy meals with Instagram-worthy flair to make cooking feel more creative. Use this energy to find joy in even the most mundane moments.