How To Survive Another Month Of Quarantine With Each Zodiac Sign

So, you’ve noticed your partner hasn’t been acting like themselves lately. They’ve been a little more withdrawn, moody, and anxious for the past couple of months. Whether they’ve openly admitted it to you, you know that being stuck in quarantine is to blame. Let’s face it — with the number of COVID-19 cases rising across the country, daily life probably isn’t going to return to normal any time soon. Moreover, staying inside is still the safest thing to do. But if social distancing together impacts your partner negatively, their zodiac sign can give you some insight into how you can help your partner survive another month of quarantine.

Astrology may not be able to give you all the answers about how to deal with your partner. But it can definitely point you in the right direction. So, here’s how to help your partner survive another month of being in quarantine, based on their zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)
Mars-ruled Aries is the sign of action, passion, and energy. As you can imagine, if they’re not moving, they can get a little grumpy and impatient. If your Aries has been less than pleasant to be around lately, quarantine is likely why. To help them get in a better mood, Going on weekly hikes, jogs, or romantic walks in nature. They need to be in a place where they have a lot of room to breathe and clear their head.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)
Truthfully, being stuck at home doesn’t bother them too much. But there’s only so much Netflix a person can consume before they eventually get bored. When a Taurus gets bored, they can start to feel unfocused. To keep your Taurus stimulated, plan a fun quarantine date night. “They love some healthy competition, so a good date with a Taurus might include a video game marathon or grabbing a cookbook and finding something fun to cook together,”

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)
Mercury-ruled Gemini is quick-witted and loves social interaction. Even if they’re in quarantine with you, they’re likely still having a tough time not being able to interact with other people. They’re also known for getting bored super easily, so it’s up to you to figure out ways to keep their mind stimulated. Geminis aren’t really fussy. “As long as you’re thoughtful, communicative, and playful, you’ll keep their heart. Having a weekly virtual game night with friends or taking evening walks together is a great way to help them survive another quarantine month.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)
Sensitive Cancers are natural caregivers who always put their loved ones first. Because of that, you’ll rarely ever hear them ask for help to fulfill their needs. “They have a hefty sense of pride.. Although they’ll try to do their best to hide how they’re feeling, you’ll know something is off when they snap at you out of nowhere or become more withdrawn than usual. Since they don’t like asking for help, you need to pay close attention to their moods and take the initiative to ask them how you can help. As long as you provide them with a safe space to open up and be vulnerable, your Cancer will be fine.

Leo (July 23 — August 22)
“The center stage has been closed for most everyone, but the royal Leo is feeling it most. It’s no secret that Leos love showing their fabulous selves off and crave being the center of attention. They do that because they genuinely enjoy putting smiles on other people’s faces. But it’s a little tough to do that now when a lot of people are stuck at home. Leos are creative and fun-loving, so they will likely think of interesting ways to stay entertained while in quarantine. As long as you give them attention and go along with their wild ideas, they’ll be happy. If you want to take it a step further, planning a themed Zoom party for their friends can win you many points.

Virgo (August 23 — September 22)
Virgo is another sign that can easily survive another month of quarantine. If they had it their way, they wouldn’t leave the house until a vaccine was made. They’re efficient and appreciate order. “If you stay dependable and stick to routine no matter what, they’ll eventually let their hair down and be more adventurous. They also like keeping their space clean. If things are out of place, they can be a little critical and demanding. As long as you clean up after your mess and help them get the chores done, they’ll be easy to live with.

Libra (September 23 — October 22)
Libras can be indecisive about everything, so thoughtful and straightforward things tend to make them happy. If you want to do something with them, have a plan already in mind. You can save yourself the frustration of having the “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” conversation. Libras are total people-pleasers. There’s nothing that would bother them more than you being mad or annoyed at them. So, if you approach them with an idea, they’ll happily go along with it. Venus-ruled Libras love romance. Planning an evening picnic in the backyard while counting fireflies mixed with some moon and stargazing can be really enjoyable. You can even keep their mood up by bringing fun and flirty energy to your relationship.

Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)
On the plus side, Scorpios are passionate, intuitive, and sensual creatures by nature. On the other hand, they can also be suspicious and skeptical. Dating a Scorpio will take some patience but can be rewarding. If you’re in quarantine with one, it’s essential to give your all to the relationship as they won’t be holding themselves back once they finally open up. “Lots of soul-searching conversations about their past and future dreams will make your Scorpio happy,”

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)
Dating a Sagittarius during quarantine can be a bit dicey. Their curious, energetic, and adventurous nature just wasn’t made for being stuck indoors. They’re typically very independent, but don’t mind social distancing with a partner. “Just remember that Sag’s do not like to be bossed around,”. Make suggestions, not demands, and you’ll keep your fire sign happy.

Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)
Earthy Capricorns are grounded, analytical, patient, calm, and handle pressure well. Even if your Capricorn is eager to leave the house, their Saturn-ruled nature keeps them from breaking any rules or guidelines. If they’re starting to feel bored or restless during quarantine, start a project together. “Caps are problem solvers,” she says. You can help keep them entertained by doing a puzzle together or making something artsy you can display.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)
Aquarius, the humanitarian, enjoys being around a group of “like believers who strive to change the world,” With everything going on, your partner may be itching to get out there and help in any way they can. They’re very independent and don’t really need too much from you. All they need is your full support. “They love to root for the underdog, so helping them volunteer (safely) at a pet rescue, or cooking meals and delivering it to elderly neighbors can help make the Aquarian feel fulfilled. It also makes you look sexy in their eyes.”

Pisces (February 19 — March 20)
Pisces love being at home. They typically live in their heads, and being in quarantine gives them a lot of time and space to fantasize and work out their dream. Being able to stay at home all day with the one they love is even better. You really don’t have to do too much to keep them happy for another month in quarantine. Regular date nights with Postmates, a movie, and cuddling on the couch after works just fine for them.


New Moon July 20, 2020

Definitions: Procyon (restless and hot-tempered yellowish-white star seeking release in fast and furious action… bestows a strong physical drive and a sharp mind. Rise and success are granted by this feisty star, but only if patience is practiced and good judgment exercised. The fixed stars play an important role in the understanding of ourselves and the universe. Learning about them is an awakening in itself. Begin now! prepare for the coming ascension acceleration process. Eat correctly, plenty of raw earth ingredients.

 The Cancer new moon on Monday, July 20, 2020, is opposite Saturn. So new moon July 2020 brings restrictions, tests, and hardship. A serious attitude, patience, and hard work are needed as you struggle against the odds.

The July 2020 new moon joins a star with an impulsive, rash, and argumentative nature. This makes it even more important to stay focused on your goals with determination and persistence. Saturn rewards responsibility and dedication with achievement and recognition.

New Moon Opposite Saturn

Sun opposite Saturn can bring restrictions and hardship. It can be a real struggle to overcome these limiting conditions because as well as putting up barriers to progress, Saturn makes it harder to express yourself. You may have to deal with melancholy, worry, loss, grief, disgrace, or low self-esteem.

Your need for companionship may be at odds with other people’s need for distance. Or perhaps you want a break from the burdens and responsibility that are being imposed on you. Distance or separation between you and others can lead to a sense of rejection or isolation.

Difficult relations are possible with your father, other authority figures, and older people. Other people in general may be critical, demanding, and impatient towards you. To get what normally comes easy, you may have to become either more demanding or more patient.

These tests and trials can make you miserable and frustrated, or they can make you determined to succeed. With critical thinking, and a serious, thoughtful attitude, you can learn new skills and gain valuable knowledge. Hard work, patience, and persistence can lead to achievement, recognition, and respect. If you do still feel frustrated, try plodding along by yourself on some personal goal where you do not require the assistance of others.

Fixed star Procyon at 26 Cancer 03 is of the nature of Mercury and Mars (exaggerative, argumentative, unreliable, unscrupulous, given to invective, mechanical ability, very quick mind, great talker.) It gives activity, violence, sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster, danger of dog bites and hydrophobia, and makes its natives petulant, saucy, giddy, weak-natured, timid, unfortunate, proud, easily angered, careless and violent.

Fixed star Procyon has a Mars-Mercury nature, and therefore makes people hasty, jealous, pig-headed; but it also confers will-power and ability to put thoughts and plans into action. There is also a tendency to a hot temper and impudence. Rise and success are found with it, but a later fall from high position is indicated. Enterprises created in haste, therefore, do not last. Procyon gives drive and a good sharp mind. But in order to avoid a fiasco, care must always be taken not to be imprudent.

Harsh aspects cause jealousy and envy from others, but in general, this star gives the ability to dig deeply for knowledge and give freely of what is found.

Sun conjunct Procyon: Great help from friends, military preferment after great struggles and expense.  A valiant demeanor. Moon conjunct Procyon: Occult interests, restless, never remains long in one place, quarrels with friends, partners and employers.

New Moon July 2020 Summary

The July 20 new moon is opposite Saturn so it is therefore serious, melancholic, and restrictive. It suggests tests and challenges could make you feel frustrated, pessimistic, and held back.

The best way to deal with such a repressive influence is to work hard with patience, determination, and persistence. But fixed star Procyon conjunct new moon July 2020 has just the opposite effect. It makes you restless, hasty, and argumentative. And this impulsive and aggressive influence is amplified by Mercury square Mars.

Thankfully Procyon also makes you driven and valiant, with the will-power and ability to put thoughts and plans into action. While difficult Saturn aspects also encourage you to think deeply and struggle hard in the face of adversity.

So this is a new moon to focus on the basics. Tackle one thing at a time and start with the most important task. Be patient, avoid taking unnecessary risks, and do not react to provocation.

The July 20 new moon effects lasts for four weeks up to the August 18 new moon. The best time for starting new projects is during the waxing phase of the moon, from the July 20 new moon to the August 3 full moon.

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